In martial arts, we can say that Karate and Muay Thai are 2 martial arts which have a lot of people enrolled in the world today. However, in What’s the difference between karate and Muay Thai, we’ll look at the different points of this two martial arts.


Since when, karate became general term used to refer to all the martial arts originating from the island of Okinawa. The martial art is a blend of fighting styles of the indigenous people of Okinawa and the Chinese style. The same from which many different genres born karate, that much was enough to get an article about a Karate and Muay Thai fighter can be misleading. Because karate is the common word for many martial.


On origin, Muay Thai origin of the Siamese martial arts, Muay Boran named (old martial art). Muay Boran influenced by Chinese martial arts, such as Khmer Pradal with Krabong Krabi (Thailand used martial weapons). Nowadays, many people consider Muay Thai as kickboxing, although it had been previously classified as self-defense.



As I mentioned at the beginning, describing karate quite complicated because it has many different styles. Here are a couple of different points that they can be drawn from this two martial :Karate is a martial using their bare hands, including throwing techniques, rapid control is used at a limited level. Most karate courses teach learners to lock standing enemy, or catch their wrist.


Countervailing in karate often characterized as the straight punch and a series of kicks. Although karate also teaches nudge and knees but this attack was not used in the tournament, so they do not get much practice as Muay Thai. Generally carry slightly Muay Thai style of karate effects.

Foot work, moving of karateka is quite flexible. So hard to catch them. Their overall trend is focusing their efforts on attacks to quick victory. In general, self-defense karate slightly bring the focus on rapid game ended without injuries.

About round kick,the touch points are toe bones rather than gravure. Their kicks more accurate but may be less potent than Muay Thai.

Muay Thai just like karate is antagonistic. The difference is that Muay Thai focuses using all 8 parts of legs, hands, elbows, knees as weapons.


Muay Thai fighter is very proficient in using the elbow, and kick boxing-style moves. However, what makes them superior in a battle is their unarmed fighting ability. More specifically, they pressed, hugged enemy neck and knee enemy to inflict injury on the inside.


Muay Thai fighter always defense with higher hand than karate, like a boxer. Their round kick always exposed by gravure. They often train kicking a tree by their gravure.