What should we do when hurt or injured? With any injury you suffered while running, injury treatment in a timely manner, follow How to treat injuries from jogging advices:

If you have pain at the beginning of your running, warm up in a few minutes, if the pain go away and not seen again in training then you keep regular exercise program. But if the pain does not lose or lose but reappear while running. Stop your running immediately because if not, the situation may worsen the injury and difficult to treat. With repeated pain several times, then stop the practice and focus on treatment.

If you are injured 1 week before contest

Follow recipe RICE (Rest, Ice Compress, Elevate). These are treatments for muscle strain phenomenon, sprains, bruises or injuries. If possible, go to the experts / sports doctor as soon as possible, and use methods of physiotherapy rehabilitation.


If you are injured in contest

Ask for give up immediately. There are many other running competitions for you to join in the next time. The basic traumatic dislocated ankle, knee pain, hip pain, or muscle relaxants. In case you get cramps, you can still continue to run without too painful.

Cramps is a condition when your muscles tense and could not move anymore. Cramps are very painful but usually can be treated in just a few days. Also, sometimes the cause of it is due to the dehydration of the body.


To know the exact type of injury you are suffering, you can take an x-ray. X-ray is also an important method to diagnose bone injury, and it also can detects the injury in another area, to obtain specific treatments. However, X-ray does not really help us identify the bone injury in the first weeks of pain, even when the pain caused by bone.Be very careful and thorough during practice to avoid bad injuries can occur. If you suffer bone injuries or injuries too serious, you should not participate in any contest in the treatment process.