Playing sports is one of the best way to improve your health while saving your time and money as much as possible. However, today, in the world there are hundreds of sport being practiced and played. If you are still wondering whether the sport you should choose to exercise, we have made a list of 10 most popular sports so you can refer to.

10. American football

american football popular sports

With 400 million fans, this sport is almost not appear outside of North America. However, the wild passion of millions of Americans helped American Football take the 10th position in the top 10 most popular sports list. This is the American sports are modified from professional Rugby in the late 19th century is just beginning to be considered a sport of some schools or organizations, until the National football league (NFL) was established in 1920.

Current NFL has no team outside of North America, but the former European version of the game NFL Europe to be held annually in the UK.

9. Basketball

popular sports

Also with 400 million fans, this sport is developed in America from the late 19th century, and Americans also dominate the basketball during the first century after its birth. Until now a number of other countries have also introduced some world-class talents such as Lithuania, Argentina and Australia.

Rapid urbanization pace has helped basketball become more popular on a global scale, because this is one of the few sports can play in the narrow space conditions. The national tournament in Greece, Israel and Japan now have been able to attract some US basketball players who past their best time or cannot compete in the US professional basketball (NBA) .

8. Golf

popular sports

Golf has 450 million fans. This sport appears from the 13th century This is probably the only sport to its birthplace now still used as competition venue. The Old Course at St. Andrews (Scotland) still occur golf events during the past 500 years.

7. Baseball

popular sports

Baseball attracts about 500 million fans around the world. Originally developed in the UK, so far baseball still is one of the sports that has the most laws are they are very complex. However, the rules of the tournament this sport has not changed since 1901.

Currently leading baseball tracking audience of sports in Japan, and became the national sport in some countries of the region Central and South America. Cuba is the leading force in this sport for the number of Olympic gold. Japan is also very strong when has won two championships in three times World Baseball Classics since 2006.

6. Table tennis

popular sports

With an estimated 850 million fans, table tennis is the sport king of China, but so far has thrived in Europe and other countries of Asia. It was born almost a century ago. Like football, this sport developed rapidly thanks to extensive and easy to play and play equipment is not expensive. At the international tournament, China is by far the leading power in this sport, especially in the women’s content.

5. Volleyball

popular sports

(About 900 million fans). This is a sport with relatively simple rules. The match can take place on grass, cement or sand. Volleyball was first played in the Olympics in 1964, but have to go to 1996 Olympics beach volleyball are included in the list of content match. In traditional Volleyball, no countries does completely overwhelming, seeing different countries won the gold medals. Meanwhile the US and Brazil together dominate the beach volleyball, with the overwhelming number of titles.

4. Tennis

popular sports

(About 1 billion fans). If only sport taking place between two players, tennis is the most popular subjects on the planet. This sport has evolved from the previous history of the 14th century Emperor Louis X of France has even built its own indoor tennis court in early 1400. It was not until the mid 19th century a new discipline system modern law system.

One of the main reasons why tennis is widely appealing subjects never saw the complete dominance of any one player or country. In about ten years, up to 14 different male and female tennis player ranked world number one, and they are representatives of eight different countries.

3. Hockey

popular sports

(About 2 billion fans). This is also a sport with a ball, and there are 11 players on each side. This sport was originally developed separately in Europe and Asia from the 3rd century BC. But right up to the 19th century British developed sport with new system and spread it to many of their colonies.

Until the mid-20th century, India and Pakistan is the leading country in hockey, but then Australia and the Netherlands have become the new power of this sport. In North America, the number of female hockey players overwhelming proportion, but if calculated on a global scale, the amount of players are men still make up the majority.

2. Cricket

popular sports

(About 2.5 billion fans). British Empire once accounted 23% of the land area in the world, which made the sport with sticks and balls grow in many places, especially in parts of the Commonwealth countries. Today the most played courses in the countries of Oceania, the islands of the West Indies (Caribbean and North Atlantic), South Africa and the British Isles. This sport has a large fan base because popular in the populous countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia, United Kingdom.


popular sports

There are approximately 3.5 billion fans worldwide, Football competition rules simple and relatively easy to play. This helps football become widely popular in the world, at both the participant perspective on playing live as well as followers. Version of the game, including two team players control a ball toward the target opponents of the court appeared many centuries ago, but the 19th century right up to the real football is developing in the UK with relatively complete game rules.