If you get those muscles toned and sexy thanks to trying hard at the gym, why not show your results on Instagram or any other social networks, who knows one day you can earn millions of dollar only by taking a selfie. Today Lava360 will introduce you 8 super sexy girls on Instagram who had succeeded in doing that, they also love sport and workout so hard everyday to keep their body in shape and beautiful.

Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is just 26 years old, she is a fitness trainer in Australia, thanks to good-looking face plus fiery body with sexy curves she go up to 3.7 million fans on Instagram.

She is often show off her photos on Instagram with many helpful instructions about diet. That helped her to sign an advertising contract up to 3.8 million pounds.


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Chantel Zales

Chantel Zales is a model (25), her Instagram also has about 4 million followers, thanks to perfect body and healthy tan skin, as well as having great influence on social networks . Every year she can earn about 3.6 million pounds due to drug advertising … waxing.

Now Chantel was modeling of FHM and Maxin and she also released her personal calendars.

Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri girl has a pretty impressive body, she also has a lovely face and her photos will surely make you amazed án stunned because they are too beautiful.

She has 7.7 million followers, thanks to advertising contracts of weight loss products and muscles increase products of Shred so she pocketed each year about 2,4 pound easily.

Abigail Ratchford

Abigail was from Los Angeles and only 23 years old this year, but each year also earned 2.3 million pounds thanks to model for Playboy and Sports Ilusstrated, in addition she also had her own fashion brand. She currently owns 5.5 million fans on Instagram.


Claudia Alende

At first glance, everyone thought she was Megan Fox, also for that reason that she became quite popular on social networks. Combining trying hard at the gym to keep her body in shape she had earn 2,1 million pound thanks to ad protein powder.

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Laci Kay Somers

Laci Kay Somers is a ring girl and also a very popular model on Instagram.

Thanks to the 5.7 million fan and also with a hard to resist hot body that she was earning her about 2 millions pound thanks to advertising weight loss products.


Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee came from Los Angeles and has more than 5.4 million fans on Instagram and thanks to the hot bikini photos she earned nearly 1.9 million pounds annually. She was paid just to drink protein playing around the pool and that was it.

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Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi has 2.6 million followers on Instargram and she earns approximately £ 1.7 million thanks to the sale of weight loss drug and yogurt.

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