Top 10 oldest active MLB players

Many people believe that professional sports these days just for youngsters. Today, in Top 10 oldest active MLB players, lets see 10 MLB players have proved it is completely wrong.

10. Jason Grilli, Atlanta Braves

Date of Birth: 11/11/1976

Played in MLB since: 2000

All-star game: 1


9. Joel Peralta, Los Angeles Dodgers

Date of Birth: 23/3/1976

Played in MLB since: 2005

All-star game: 0


8. Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

Date of Birth: 27/7/1975

Played in MLB since: 1994

All-star game: 14


7. Torii Hunter, Minnesota Twins

Date of Birth: 18/7/1975

Played in MLB since: 1997

All-star game: 5


6. Rafael Betancourt, Colorado Rockies

Date of Birth: 29/04/1975

Played in MLB since: 2003

All-star game: 0


5. Koji Uehara, Boston Red Sox

Date of Birth: 3/04/1975

Played in MLB since: 2009

All-star game: 1


4. R.A. Dickey, Toronto Blue Jays

Date of Birth: 29/10/1974

Played in MLB since: 2001

All-star game: 1


3. Ichiro Suzuki, Miami Marlins

Date of Birth: 22/10/1973

Played in MLB since: 2001

All-star game: 7


2. Bartolo Colon, New York Mets

Date of Birth: 24/5/1973

Played in MLB since: 1997

All-star game: 3


1. LaTroy Hawkins, Colorado Rockies

Date of Birth: 21/12/1972

Played in MLB since: 1995

All-star game: 0