If you and your family love the long trip, definitely owning a Motorhome is not a bad idea. However, to get the feeling of comfort and convenience during your journey, the amount you have to spend for a car to meet such requirements are not small. Let take a look at 10 super luxury and expensive Motorhome below.

10. Entegra HLV Cornerstone 45DLQ 2015  –  464.000 USD


The gorgeous Cornerstone by Entegra HLV with a forward cabin design, including power seats eight directions and integrated wheel balancing SmartWheel bring comfortable ride, while also providing vehicle technology Mobileye touchscreen and advanced technology. Elegant design includes a cedar closet blue, as well as a sound system and entertainment bar. Cornerstone is equipped with quartz table, the bathroom … you can live very comfortably in the Cornerstone to scale and luxury accessories.

9. Country Coach Magna 630 – 495.000 USD


This luxury cars have been created by companies RV Country Coach. It is equipped with a Cummins 600HP engine, and it can pass the beautiful mountain range to bring the spectacular scenery to the passengers. The interior is decorated with walnut cabinets and earth tones, as well as custom sofa, double bed, washing machine, dryer, dining room and tiled floors. A solar panel on the roof of the car to help it provide power to the interior.

8. UNICAT Amerigo International – 500.000 USD


This car looks unattractive, it looked like a garbage truck, but if you go inside you’ll probably have to change the thinking. The interior of the car is extremely “luxury”, which explains why the price for its up to half a million dollars. Energy is provided by solar panels and a fuel tank capable of running distance of 2,000 miles, the Amerigo International is able to run regularly coast to coast without stopping. Inside it has a kitchen, a closet, a desk space, and even a water filter disinfect water can make it drinkable.

7. Monaco Dynasty 45P 2015 – 585.750 USD


Monaco is one of the famous cars in the field of luxury motorhome. 2015 is the most ambitious creation of Monaco Dynasty. Vehicle equipped with a completely new Roadmaster chassis with Cummins 600HP engine. Monaco is even possible to design cars according to the request option, the idea of the customer. Inside the car, each design is very beautiful, exquisite, including cabinets and unloading, an LED ceiling and a TV can be controlled remotely, and a ceramic tile floor. The master bedroom comes with a king-sized bed, upholstery, cabinetry, closet serves daily needs on the vehicle …

6. Newmar King Aire 2015 –738.645  USD


The King Aire Newmar equipped turbo diesel engine with a Cummins ISX 600HP, and is supported by a frame Custom Spartan K3. It has steering Comfort Drive system with electronic control and safety systems Collision Avoidance Cruise to help you navigate despite adverse weather and dangerous. Spacious kitchen with wood cabinets bring all the passengers feeling of luxury. In addition, it also owns two sofas Villa, dining room, washer and dryer, ceramic tile floor, and a bedroom with bath and overhead LED lighting.

5. Country Coach Prevost 2014-  1.000.000 USD


This is not a vehicle for rough terrain or adventure, but it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy luxury travel between cities and towns. The conversion motorhome is a great touring machine, with luxury features, wrapped in stainless steel, sleek. It is equipped with ceramic tiled floors, cedar lined closet, entertainment system, beautiful bedroom lined with quartz, a wardrobe and a bathroom.

4. Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach 2015  – 1.300.000 USD


Foretravel has many years of experience in the motorhome business sector since 1967. The motorhome IH-45 is a luxury car with custom and totally unique design, such as TravelRide chassis, in addition to the floor, walls and roof can reduce the maximum noise. Other features include a 20,000 kw generator, rooms can slide pulled out, a pilot seat and a cockpit by Knoedler steel materials.

3. Prevost H3-45 VIP 2015 – 1.600.000 USD


The Prevost H3-45 VIP 2015 is described with “sleek and modern”, “creative and wonderful”. It has a height of 3.80 m overwhelmed, great views, the highest cabin floor. The outer shell is made from synthetic fibers help reduce vehicle weight and maximum strength. Inside, H3-45 is decorated with a sleek wooden concealed, modern sofa, table, kitchen, bedroom, and marble countertops are bent. All modern design and features make it become one of the most beautiful luxury motorhome market.

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus – 2.500.000 USD


The bedrooms are furnished with a bed king, a plasma TV, bath from France, a washer and dryer, and built inside the treadmill. The cockpit comes with Avic N-2 system GPS with traffic alerts and real time weather. Visually, RV’s even a sliding compartment to store both a sports car. It is made from Prevost bus shell, containing 235 liter fuel tank.

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo – 3.000.000 USD


The most expensive mobile in the world actually looks like something from a Hollywood blockbuster. The cockpit equipped with Star Trek features, with a central circular windows for panoramic views. Marchi Mobile has said that the design of the Palazzo “inspired by cars, yachts, and the aviation industry.” The furniture inside like in a luxury hotel, such as cutting wood floors, marble countertops, and even a staircase leading to the upper floor of the car. The design of the interior living room and LED lights give the parties in the “vibe” of a top nightclub, complete with a full-length sunroof.