Do it more often: In many instances, people go wrong when they actually train for rock climbing by going to the gym to bring their level of fitness up. In fact, they should be out there climbing on rocks instead as this will mean hands on training. You may need to hit the gym hard later but at this point, you need to build up your rock climbing skills. Right now, you will need to focus on building up footwork, balance and finger strength.

rock climbing 1

Down climb more: This will help you learn more about where you put your feet. The fact is climbers who are new do not realize that their feet play an important role in rock climbing and an awareness of where you are putting your feet. You will soon realize that legs play an important part in climbing.

rock climbing 2

Work on traversing: When you are new to climbing, you may not even know what traversing is; this is a movement that has you moving across rather than above. You can do this at first at the gym before you move on to the real thing. This will enable you to get a hang of things when you actually climb.

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Add variety: Instead of perfecting your skills on one route or rock, try different options to get a grip on things. This way you will be prepared for all types of things that you could come across while rock climbing. In addition, variations like using only one hand or only one leg etc.

Cliffhanger Climbing Gym, Altona North, Victoria, Australia

Boulder challenges: By doing this is a group you will make things more interesting and also ensure that you have somebody to spot for you when you climb a portion of the wall without a rope.  Take all precautions to ensure that injuries are minimum while doing this.

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Keep watching others: There is no better to learn all the moves of rock climbing than by watching others doing it. In addition, someone else may have some ways of improving the climbing technique which you can borrow and make your own. It is like this in other adventure sports too like you learn about surfing and when you want to know the best surfing spots in California; you reach out to others who are into this kind of activity. Another good thing about observing others climb is that it will convince you about the possibilities of being able to climb the most difficult rocks. Even watching the non-expert climbers can provide you with many useful inputs.

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Make use of tight rope: This may not make much sense to people who are seriously into it, but by using the tight rope after a certain number of failed attempts you are conditioning your body to go through the motions with some help. This can be like using a support wheel while cycling to help you keep your balance. However, do this only in the climbing gym.

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Project the route: This usually denotes a grade or two above the grade you are good at climbing. What it makes you do is stretch that little bit more than your normal capability. This will keep you wanting to reach that level by putting in just that little bit extra. This way you can see improvements and this will spur you to perform better.

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Strength training: There are many tried and tested ways of building strength up which anyway happens while you are in rock climbing. However, some of the best involve trying out boulder overhangs, which will enable you to get over your aversion to doing this and make you better at it.

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Image success: You start seeing yourself climbing the toughest rocks and store in this in your mind, it will become part of your psyche. However, for that to happen you will need to get the feel and smell of the place into your mind. This will almost become part of your psyche and you will find your mindset getting set for the most difficult of climbs with more courage and with a positive frame of mind.  You should not only do this in terms of routes but also when you have had an injury. This way your body will be programmed to face all possibilities and be prepared to meet all the challenges that come up.

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Rock climbing can give you a high that is to be experienced to know what it is all about. However, when you speak to people who are into this activity, you will realize that it is something that is not only exhilarating in physical terms but also provides you a way to get in touch with nature in a very close manner.