Recently I received an email from a friend to share his determination to start running to improve health. But his problems are not know where to start, can consult with anybody, because around the locality where he lives, people do not pay much attention to sports. I really understand this feeling, and that is the reason why I wrote Things you need to know when start running to share some knowledge and experience as well as my passion for running to others.

1. How to start?

If you’re the kind of person sedentary, start with daily walks to improve physical platform. Do not just go for a walk, but let speed up faster than usual to create the feeling you are exercising. Spend at least 30 minutes a day to walk.

Once you are confident with your health, add some short running intervals into your walking sessions. Then gradually increase the running time up. If you feel shortness of breath, chest pain when running, slow down and turn to walk.


2. Buy what kind of shoes?

There are many running shoes brands, each with a multitude of samples of running shoes. This makes the selection of a pair of running shoes like that is a difficult decision for beginners, no experience in shoes. Running shoes greatly influence the course of your workout, so do not regret the money to invest in a quality pair of shoes. Buy a fake shoes will cause injury to your feet.


3. Running plan

With the new you begin, do not aim too high, 5-10km is reasonable. This is a very challenging medium that you can conquer after 2-3 months of serious training. Use the application running is the best way for you to schedule and track your workout.


4. Motivation

If you’re committed to running to change yourself, so great! You made a correct decision. But from thought to action is a huge challenge. Many people put great determination, but only for a few weeks is daunting. Then they gave up, running is just a distant dream.

To avoid falling into a similar situation, learn to create your own running routines. Once the habit, the track will no longer be a burden. You will not have to wrestle thought “Running or sleeping?” Every morning anymore.


5. Safety

Whether you’re on the road or on a treadmill, there are always potential risks causing injury if you do not pay attention.


6. Join the running contests

One of the best ways for you to be motivated to participate running compeitition. It will help you realize your workout achievements since then have more motivation to try to aim higher, farther.