Are you often feel shame because your breasts are not big and beautiful as the other girls of the same age. Do not worry, you can improve the size of your breasts by diet and workout in a scientific way. Maybe you do not know, workout not only improve your breast size, but also improve your whole body. Hard training and scientific diet will give you a body with toned muscles, big breast and butt and also a slim waist. 3 following knowledge will help you have a beautiful breasts:


Improve female sex hormone

As we all know, the male and female body contain 2 hormones are estrogen and testosterone but the quantity are completely different:

  • Men: Many Testosterone + Less Estrogen
  • Women: Many Estrogen + Less testosterone

Because of this, men often workout will grow stronger muscles than women. And they also own better strength. Also in the women, the hormone estrogen affects more or less pretty much on their breast, if the body produces less estrogen, breast will hardly develop in the best way.Thus to increasing the size of breast, women need to improve the amount of estrogen in their body by eating more phytoestrogens, substances in plants are available, Phytoestrogens helps increase the elasticity and firmness in breast, against back disorders such as bowel, breast, cancer ….

Phytoestrogens can be found in:
Oilseeds such as walnut, cashew, sesame ….
Soy products such as milk, tofu, soy oil ….
Whole grain cereals such as wheat, barley, corn, brown rice …
Meats like chicken …
Vegetables like cucumber, carrot, orange carpet, apple, watermelon, pomegranate, ……

The exercises increase the size of breasts

  • Dumbbell Fly


  • Push up
  • push-up-for-bigger-breast
  • Bridge Chest Press


  • Lateral Plank Walk


  • Bent-Over Reverse Fly


  • Seated Heart Opener


Finally, breast massage

Breast massage will help to enhance blood flow to the breast muscle, help stimulate them. You can follow the steps below to help stimulate the breasts develop more effective:

  • Breast massage using salt

In Salt contains sodium chloride and hundreds of minerals help foster breast muscle increases their size effectively. You can mix a little water with sea salt and gently massage your breast in 5-10 minutes and rinse with clean water.

  • Breast massage with a shower

The water pressure from the shower will help natural breast massage, bringing the maximum relaxation, you can use the water about 37 degrees C to massage.

  • Breast massage with essential oils

Use 9 drops of geranium essential oil, 16 drops of ylang essential oil to 50ml of coconut oil or olive mixture and mix well. 2 hands rub all over your breast and massage.

  • Breast massage before bed and after waking up

Using 2 hands massage breasts from outside to inside from bottom to top and in two opposite directions, massage force should be large enough not too light nor too strong, you can combine with oil above to increase efficiency . Done before sleeping and after waking up is best.