Boxers has many different types of punches and also many different types of knock out. So, which is the key factor in a perfect punch? Is strength plays an important role as techique and choosing the right time with speed.

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Witnessing one punch knock out the opponent is one of the shocking and unforgettable moments in sports. David Haye, the former heavyweight boxing champion WBA, who had a successful comeback on January 1, after more than three years out of action suited to answer these questions. He has a lot of personal experience to knock out, because until now, 25 of his 27 wins are by knock out.” So what needs to be able to launch a perfect punch?

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Before this, people still misunderstand that a muscle guy will has more powerful punch than a skinny guy. According to Daivd’s experience, people can move from one point to another quick, not only can launch powerful punch but also can knock out opponents. Throughout his career, he always focus on the ability to launch quick punches that opponents could not guess. If you punch the opponent in the place where opponents least expect it and without precautions, opponents will often unbearable and the effectiveness of the punch that was great.

It will be very difficult to fight opponent without speed, unless you have a punch that opponent can not see. The timing is also important. The speed and the right time are key factors, but if the wrong time, you will not be able to hit the punch.

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Stand still also important factors when launching the punch. You need to be flexible with your feet and use every gram of body weight. The problem is not how strong is your hand, but it is important that a system of health including buttocks, thighs and quadriceps muscles.

perfect punch

You also need to know the power distribution to lauch an effective attack that passing throught the opponents, because your problem is not how much you hit your opponent but is how strong the force force generated through the punch goes through your oppenent.