In addition to a reasonable diet, get enough sleep and have good mental health, we must regularly exercise and sports. One sport that both easy and improves health that is cycling. Here, in Reasons why you should biking, are the unexpected benefits from biking.


1. Cycling is an easy exercise

You can biking anywhere at any time of the day without having to spend a large investment. Many people had to give up their favorite sport by the difficulty of it, or do not have enough time to practice after hours of work stress. The cyclists also quite simple. All you need is a bike, about half an hour when you’re free, plus a bit of confidence. You also do not need a bike too fancy, just good enough.


2. Biking is a compound exercise

Contrary to the initial perception that biking is not a form of exercise, but it is only an exercise for the legs more solid. Biking helps you have a healthy overall by the bike you have to use every muscle in your body. Meanwhile, the arms, legs, and the entire body as well as the eye needs a reasonable combination.


3. Cycling helps muscles endurance

Exercise by biking as a method to help you improve muscle function. Regular bicycling helps strengthen the leg muscles and is good for the movement of the hips and knees. Gradually you will begin to see a significant improvement in the muscles in the legs, thighs and hips.


4. Not only enhance physical health, cycling helps increase patience

Patience is what you need to overcome the difficult phase in the exercise. Try to pass it to exercise your patience.


5. Cycling may help improve cardiovascular and reduce calories

This is an effective way to lose weight. Cycling helps burn about 300 calories per hour. If you have a regular cycle of 30 minutes each day, then you will lose 11 kg in one year. Not only that, it also helps you increase your metabolic rate after each completed trip.


6. Cycling reduces stress

Any type of regular exercise always helps you to reduce stress and depression. Outdoor cycling is also a good way to “make friends” with nature and enjoy the fresh air, and moving away from sadness and your everyday stress.