Within an hour of taking in your body, alcohol is absorbed with 80% in the entire small intestine and the rest of the stomach. Alcohol began to attack the body, including the liver and central nervous system to suffer the most. With fitness and bodybuilding the harmful effects of alcohol event double. If the above information is not enough for reasons you should stop drinking, read the following article to better understand the harmful effects of alcohol.

1. Cause liver damage

No part or cells in the body that are not affected by alcohol. When the alcohol into the body, it is rapidly absorbed with 20% absorbed in the stomach and 80% in the small intestine, after 30-60 minutes the whole wine is absorbed. Then, alcohol is metabolized mainly in the liver (90%). A small amount of alcohol was undisturbed (about 5-10%) excreted through sweat, breath and urine. Recent studies have demonstrated that a portion of the alcohol is burned, the rest deposited in the body a lot of days later.

The profound disturbances occurs in all the liver. One of the liver’s primary task is to prevent the various toxins from the blood carries to the bowel or outside. Alcohol destroys this liver’s functions. Also liver degeneration and partial liver cells are replaced by cells adjacent tissue and fat. Inflammatory liver, fatty liver, cirrhosis.


2. Harmful to brain cells

Once in the tissues, alcohol attacks all the cells of the body; the part that suffered the most is central nervous system. The majority (75%) of alcohol in the blood to the brain. With nerve cells, are very sensitive to any public toxins, alcohol causes serious disorders in the activity of the cerebral cortex and cortex makes no control, adjustable operation of the medium subcortical center.


3. Cause damage to heart muscle

Under the influence of alcohol, heart muscle degeneration and part of heart muscle tissue is replaced by fat. Heart of alcoholics are twice as normal person. In medicine is often called “beef heart” or “beer heart”. Cardiovascular apparatus hurt: Headache appears, shortness of breath, swollen ankles. Liquor used for long periods can cause dilated cardiomyopathy, ventricular hypertrophy and fibrosis.


4. Reduce resistance

Alcoholics have lower resistance to disease and die earlier. Death in alcoholics more than those who are not addicted 3 times. It has studied the causes of death in chronic alcoholics and came to the conclusion is: 26% died of acute intoxication with alcohol, 14% by accidents, 29% of pneumonia, 13% of tuberculosis , 18% from heart disease, 8% from other diseases.


5. Alcohol and Recovery

Another impact of alcohol on the muscle that is capable of recovering Since alcohol is toxic to the body, the energy will be used in order to remove the alcohol out of the system and recovery of its negative impact caused to the tissue.

Therefore, you will not have much energy reserves to recover from the exercise. You will not be refreshed when training in the next day.

Isolated tired young woman siting on spinning bicycle

6. Alcohol and glycogen synthesis

Besides ATP, the next source for your muscle activity that is stored muscle glycogen. Unfortunately, when you drink alcohol, alcohol synthesis process will be priority than the synthesis of glycogen, this leads to the reserves of glycogen in the muscle cells decreases.

When exercising in the next day, your body lacks the energy to operate and easily tired right from the start.


7. Alcohol and fat in the body

The last issue related to alcohol is that it contains energy, and this energy quickly absorbed into your body. Normally, you drink beer, wine or other liquid high alcohol content, these beverages contain less energy than these gaudy cocktail is sweet and that women are often used. At least our drink has a good side.

However, at 7 calories per gram, after three or four drinks, the energy you have can be equal to a meal. Unless you reduce the amount of food to give to this energy (this is unlikely to happen, because you usually eat low-calorie food with as peanuts, pizza, chicken wings or fries), the fat will rise high.