Sports bra is one of the indispensable outfit at the gym for girl, if you do not want your lovely breasts disfigured after training.

sport bra

Scientists have studied the motion of the breasts of women to design bra with supportive tasks, limited impulse, keep maintain your breasts youthfulness and firmness longer. When we training hard, sports activities, the impact on breast will be stronger. So you imagine if we only wear normal bras at this time, what consequences will come to our breast.

good-sport bra proctect your breast

Therefore, choosing a fit sports bra is a must do task for girls before going to the gym. While the market appears quite a variety of designs with many functions and purposes, then where is the trusted and safe choice for you? There are 03 basic characteristics that women need to know to choose a sport bra with quality:

  • The first is the type of fabric. An exercise cause sweating a lot will certainly need sport bras with good perspiration wicking fabric – cotton. But if wearing 100% cotton, it will be a little uncomfortable for little roughness and its elasticity. A little spendex will be the optimal choice for girls.

a sport bra is essential for girls

  • The second is the size of the breasts. As was produced for the sport purpose so sport bra has no frames. Thats why bra size is so crucial part in supporting breast, prevent impact and reduce sagging. You should choose a round shape bra, not too thick, but enough to create a sense of security for the breasts. And remember the suitable bra should cover at least ¾ your breasts.

sport bra

  • Thirdly, thats is well designed to exercise. In addition to breasts protecting, the sport bras also need comfortable designs for other parts such as shoulders, back and chest. If the wires are too small then will cause shoulder and back pain, leaving red marks on unexpectedly. Additionally, these types with ventilation holes will be the perfect choice for you.

sport bra