Everyone has a passion for the sport they choose, so there are always debates took place daily in the choice of the most amazing sport. Golf Monthly Magazine UK has confirmed the Golf is the leading sport by following reasons:

1. Golf is a gentlemanly sport


Golf has unwritten rules such as not being allowed to go on the opponent’s putting line, shaking hands each round, and players from both teams helped each other find lost balls. Sport teaches players about beautiful behaviors and respect, is what makes you always proud to be a golfer.

2. Nothing is better than playing golf in a beautiful sunny day!


Playing golf on a cool summer day with friends on a beautiful golf course. Any sport can bring you these things?

3. Golf has many diverse forms of play


You can play medal, Stableford, texas-scramble, foursomes, greensomes, … and many other forms. There are many ways to achieve scores and enjoy the world of golf, what makes you never feel boring golf!

4. You can play golf with anyone

Thanks to the handicap system, golfers with different capacities can compete on the same playing field. You can play with a professional golfer, what you can not do in other sports.

5. You can eat while playing


You can walk down the fairway to eat anything from bananas to food from the night before repackaging. You can do this in any other sport? Same with drinks. If you like coffee, you’ll have a glass; if you like beer, may be; or why you did not think to bring a bottle of wine and congratulations for your birdies?

6. There are many ways to bring golf clubs


Most golfers carries the clubs with them or use a golf car, but you can also carry them with a sledge Golf Board.

7. No age limit


Tiger Woods started playing golf when he was 2 years old, and older golfers in the world is 103 years old. Each club has a section for the elderly and children’s area. Golf is a sport for all people of all ages, something not seen in subjects other players.

8. Golf gives you long last career


For example, Tom Watson, if he was a football player he had to retire from 30 years ago. But in 2009, at the age of 59, he was stopped in the game with an opportunity to bring him victory in the Open Championship in Tumberry.

9. Physical training

They had to go up and down the hill, walking on the sand, on the thick grass and over many different terrains. Like athletes athletics Usain Bolt in the race for medals, we must also sprinted to return tee when lost a tee shot – a physical training too great!