Skateboarding is not a usual sport. Actually it needs a lot of stunt skill and performing tricks. Some take is as a recreational activity. Going to the past, this sport was born sometime in between 1940’s and 1950’s at California. Afterwards it became very popular all over the world. And nowadays it has become an iconic game among the teenagers. The Skateboarders are seen in some countries to use skate boards in streets for transportation other than sports. There are many famous professional skateboarders those who have proved their extraordinary stunts and skills and made their position among the top list of skateboarders around the world. Let’s know something about these extraordinary players.

Pro Skateboarders of all Time:

1. Tony Hawk: He is probably the most celebrated skateboarder at this time. Born in 1968, he first got introduced to skateboarding at the age of 8.Tony Hawk is the only skateboarder to completed 900 in a competition.

pro skateboarders of all time1

2. Arto Saari: Sari was born in Finland and he is a renowned Skateboarder and photographer. He first participated in world championship when he was 16 years of age. His family was very supportive in skateboarding.

pro skateboarders of all time2

3. Rob Dyrdek: Rob is an American skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer and reality TV star. He is said to be one of the most influential skateboarder of all time. He started skateboarding at the age of 13 and now he is at the age of 40.

pro skateboarders of all time3

4. Ryan Sheckler: Ryan is very popular skateboarder around the world and he has been featured in a MTV produced TV show ‘Life of Ryan’. His age is presently 24 years and he also runs a foundation for the backward and injured sports person.

pro skateboarders of all time4

5. Rodney Mullen: Rodney is popularly known as a street and freelancing skateboarder. Still now he has created many of his new styles and stunt techniques. Rodney has also written an autobiography entitled as ‘The Mutt: How to Skateboard and not kill yourself’.

pro skateboarders of all time5

6. Paul Rodriguez: Commonly known by his nickname P-Rod is an actor and street skateboarder. He is also one of the most influential skateboarder. Once he said that in his childhood he used to sleep with his skateboard.

pro skateboarders of all time6

7. Eric Koston: Though born in Thailand Eric started his skateboarding career in America. Koston is described as ‘Mike Jordon of skateboarding’. He has made a very shinning career as a professional skateboarder.

pro skateboarders of all time7

8. Chris Cole: Chris is regular footed professional skateboarder. He is also engaged with many skateboard equipment companies as an owner. Cole has also been featured in many video games like Skate, Skate 2, Skate 3 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD.

pro skateboarders of all time8

9. Marc Johnson: He is famous as a professional Skateboarder and he is best known for founding the Enjoi Skateboard brand and receiving the Thrasher ‘Skater of the Year’ award in 2007. It’s amazing that before coming to skateboarding Marc was Table tennis player.

pro skateboarders of all time9

10. Stavros Niarchos III: Stavros is Greek professional and often known to be as one of the best skateboarders of all time. Although he was born in New York City but he was brought up in Paris, France.

pro skateboarders of all time10

11. Jamie Thomas: Jamie started his skateboarding career when he was just 13 years. He is quiet famous as an entrepreneur that he won many awards in the world of business also. But still maintaining that he gives regular time in skateboard.

pro skateboarders of all time11

12. Lance Mountain: Lance Mountain was a famous skateboarder in 1980’s. At that time he was the first t be featured in skateboarding video. He has also gained his name in the best skateboarders list in his early years of competitive skateboarding.

pro skateboarders of all time12

13. Ryan Dunn: Ryan is not only famous for his skateboarding career but also he is a famous actor, stuntman and television personality. Though he is no more in this world for an accident which took his life.

pro skateboarders of all time13

14. Bob Burnquist: Burnquist is an eminent American Skateboarder who was born in Brazil. He is famous for inventing numerous tricks of his own and scoring the second highest score ever in the game history.

pro skateboarders of all time14

15. Ryan Gallant: He is an American skateboarder with a goofy-footed stance. A very famous skateboard trick has also been named after him ‘Gallant Grind’.

pro skateboarders of all time15

16. Sean Malto: Sean Malto is a professional Skateboarder of American Origin. At the age of 10 he started skateboarding with the inspirations of his elder brothers.

pro skateboarders of all time16

17. Michael Shawn Carroll: Carroll is widely known for his innovation of technical street skating in the early 90’s. He is also the vice-president of Girl’s skateboard brands.

pro skateboarders of all time17

18. Danny Way: Danny is own widely known all over the world for his extreme stunts and he is also awarded with ‘Skater of the Year’ twice by Thrasher Magazine.

pro skateboarders of all time18

19. Daewon Song: Daewon is a 39 years old Korean born American Professional Skateboarder. He is always famous for his own skillful style of skating. At the age of 16 he became very famous in the world of Skating.

pro skateboarders of all time19

20. Andrew Reynolds: Andrew is the owner of Baker Skateboards. He was introduced to skateboard at the age of 9 years. Later he emerged as a professional skateboarder in late 90’s.

pro skateboarders of all time20