When we think of NFL, we always think of its outstanding players those who mesmerize us with their outstanding performances and skills. The main feature of a footballer is running they are usually born with that. So we can easily think it as a natural talent. Running backs in football face a lot of tantrums but they make it look easy always. As a result you will notice that they face a very short career points. In this article we will discuss about the greatest running back in NFL that we have ever seen.

Greatest Running Backs of All Time:

Earl Campbell: Also known as Earl Christian Campbell and with a nick name ‘The Tyler Rose’. He was born in Tyler, Texas where he began playing football at the fifth standard. He is the only player who went from High School to NFL directly and became a star. He was also inducted as the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And not only that, he was also ranked number 33 among the greatest 100 footballers of all time by ‘The Sporting News’.

NFL's Great Running Backs of All time1

Tony Dorsett: During his sports career, he played in Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos. He grew up in Pennsylvania and football and basket ball in his childhood. Dorsett’s most productive season was 1981, when he recorded 1646 yards breaking a record.

NFL's Great Running Backs of All time2

Gale Sayers: Gale Sayers who was also nicknamed as “The Kansas Comet” played his whole life for the Chicago Bears. Apart from football, he is also an entrepreneur and an active philanthropist. He holds a lot of records in NFL including most touchdowns, highest kick-off return average etc. He had a very successful sports career till his retirement.

NFL's Great Running Backs of All time3

Emmitt Smith: Smith was born in Florida and played for Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. He became the NFL’s all time rushing leader breaking the record of Walter Payton. He was also a sprinter in his early days.

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Jim Brown: Jim Brown was an American professional footballer and actor. In 2002, he was names as the greatest football player ever by Sporting News. Really he is also considered as one of the greatest athletes in the history of United States. He also began acting in late 1964. Brown had a memorable sports career which led him to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971.

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Marion Motley: Motley grew up in Ohio and started his football career around 1930’s before World War 2. Because of racial discrimination, he had to face a lot of hurdles on his sports career. In 1999, he died because of Prostate Cancer.

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Larry Csonka: Larry came from a Hungarian family in Ohio where he was raised in a farm. Late he joined football in his early high school days and started playing football professionally. After his retirement, he became a motivational speaker. He also appeared in various television series.

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Eric Dickerson: Dickerson is a famous American college and professional football player. In 1999, he was elected the pro football hall of fame. At present Eric lives in California. He created various records in NFL and engraved his name as one of the greatest footballers of NFL.

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Barry Sanders: This American running back spent his entire professional football career with the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. He is also listed as one of the greatest players who never reached Super Bowl. In 1999, he officially retired from professional football which became a topic of controversy at that time.

Barry Sanders, Tim Hauck

Walter Payton: Payton who was a very famous player of NFL played for Chicago Bears for 13 seasons. He was known around the NFL as ‘Sweetness’. Payton was undoubted one of the greatest running backs in the history of NFL. Afterwards he died from a rare liver disease in 1999 at the age of 45.

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