The thing about sports is that some of them are deadly ones like five of the most deadly martial arts, while there are others that cause harm to the participants themselves. Formula One racing is a sport where the drivers are always living on the edge. Thankfully, the last death in a formula one race was way back in 1994. That shows that things have improved significantly.

Most Unfortunate Deaths In Formula One

ayrton Senna's crash

1. Ayrton Senna San Marino 1994

Ayrton Senna was one of the most successful and dominant drivers in the formula one circuit. He was born in Brazil but tragically died as he was leading in the San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, Italy in the year 1994. He was a three time world champion when he died at the age of 34.

Roland Ratzenberger crash

2. Roland Ratzenberger San Marino 1994

He was an Austrian formula one driver who crashed into the Villeneuve corner in the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 and died. When the crash happened, Ratzenberger was driving his car at a speed of around 190 km per hour.

Riccardo Paletti crash

3. Riccardo Paletti Canada 1982

Ricardo Paletti was an Italian by birth and died during the formula one race at Montreal, Canada in the year 1982. He was driving his car at a speed of over 100 miles an hour. Apart from motor racing, Paletti was a champion in karate in his junior days and was also an expert in skiing.

Gilles Villeneuve crash

4. Gilles Villeneuve Belgium 1982

This formula one driver was a Canadian who was into fast driving from a very early age. He died in Zolder, Belgium while he was trying to qualify for Belgian Grand Prix, when his car crashes while was driving at a speed of 140 miles per hour. Villeneuve was a very popular formula one driver and was considered an iconic figure in Canada during his time.

Ronnie Peterson crash

5. Ronnie Peterson Italy 1978

Peterson was a Swede by birth and was called “Superswede” for his skills in car racing. While participating in the Italian Grand Prix in the year 1978, Peterson had a crash in the first lap of the race and was admitted to the hospital with multiple fractures. He died the next day. He was a two-time runner up in the world drivers championship.