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Man Utd and 10 transfer records before the Pogba transfer

Recently, Manchester United and Juventus have reached an agreement on transfer of Paul Pogba for around 121 million dollars. However, you probably do not know, Man Utd has many times spent big money to bring the brightest players to their team. Here, take a look at 10 players that Manchester United had been spending a lot of money to get them in their squad.

10. Roy Keane


Transfer price: 5 million dollars
From: Nottingham Forest
Date signed: 19/7/1993

9. Andy Cole


Transfer price: 8 million dollars, and Keith Gillespie.
From: Newcastle United
Date signed: 12/1/1995

8. Jaap Stam


Transfer price: 14 million dollars
From: PSV Eindhoven
Date signed: 1/7/1998

7. Dwight Yorke


Transfer price: 16.7 million dollars
From: Aston Villa
Date signed: 20/8/1998

6. Ruud van Nistelrooy


Transfer price: 25 million dollars
From: PSV Eindhoven
Date signed: 1/7/2001

5. Juan Sebastian Veron


Transfer price: 37 million dollars
From: Lazio
Date signed: 21/7/2001

4. Rio Ferdinand


Transfer price: 38.5 million dollars
From: Leeds United
Date signed:  23/7/2002

3. Dimitar Berbatov


Transfer price: 39.7 million dollars
From: Tottenham Hotspur
Date signed: 1/9/2008

2. Juan Mata


Transfer price: 49.1 million dollars
From: Chelsea
Date signed: 25/1/2014

1. Angel di Maria


Transfer price: 79.1 million dollars
From: Real Madrid
Date signed: 26/8/2014

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