how to use milk reasonably at the gymNutrition is very important with bodybuilders’ bodies because they help their body can recover injuries as well as muscle development. However, with the variety of nutrients from different kind of foods makes people very difficult to understand their uses and the way to use them properly. In some next articles, we’ll introduce you some best sources of nutrition and how to use them most reasonable to help you achieve your dreamed body. Milk is one of those nutrient sources and today, IluvSport will help you answer questions about how to use the milk to make your workout achieved the best results.

Effects of milk to bodybuilders

how to use milk reasonably at the gymFirst of all you must know what milk contains? 100 grams of pure cow’s milk contains 88 g of water, 3.2 g protein, 3.2 g fat milk, 5.2 g disaccharides, 113 mg calcium, 143 mg potassium, 10 grams of magnesium, as well as a large number of vitamins. Besides milk proteins are assimilated into the body faster and better than meat protein. Milk protein absorbed 95%, while the meat protein is absorbed 60-70%.

how to use milk reasonably at the gym

To achieve a perfect body, beside hard training in the gym, the use of dairy products are almost indispensable. Many scientific studies have shown that milk protein are more safety than meat protein. We can say milk is the ideal food nutrition, the combination between weight training and drinking milk is important in building lean muscle. Moreover, do you know milk are full of essential nutrients, especially protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, calcium, .. and very good for adding calories to your diet, while also ensuring make energy for daily activities.

Best time to drink milk

how to use milk reasonably at the gym

Although milk has a lot of good effects, but for bodybuilders, they should know the most suitable time for milk to achieve the best effect on their body.

You can drink milk before going to the gym for a source of energy, protein to ensure your body can withstand high intensity exercise. However you should note that a light meal before drinking milk is essential, with an empty stomach your digestive system can not handle those lactose in milk and can cause abdominal pain. And also not to drink milk too close with your training time, which is an appropriate time before 1h-2h to reach the maximum efficiency as possible.

how to use milk reasonably at the gym

Also, a glass of milk after workout is also the perfect choice to compensate for calories consumed, and this time the body will absorb the best nutrition for optimal muscle growth.