Mountain Climbing is one of the toughest sports in this World. It needs a lot of guts and self confidence to continue this sport. It has a lot of life risk. According to people the most popular climbing mountain is Mt. Everest. But it is not so for the climbers. Actually Mt. Everest is the tallest peak in the world but it is quiet easy to climb there than some other short peaks in this world. There are many short peaks in the world which are very tough to climb because of their geographical form. So we should know about these peaks before saying the wrong thing on Mt. Everest. Let’s see the list of some toughest mountain to climb in this world.

List of Hardest Mountains to Climb:

This peak is the second highest peak in the world next to Mt. Everest. It is also known by another name Mt. Godwin Austin. Due to the presence of ice pillars, seracs and glaciers it becomes very hard to climb on K2. The weather is too unpredictable and it is a great threat to the climbers.

hardest mountain to climb1

Actually Annapurna is a series of peak in the Himalayas. But actually the highest peak in that series is referred as Annapurna. The height of the highest peak there is 8031 meters. It is 10 highest mountains in the world but perhaps the toughest in the world to climb.

hardest mountain to climb2

Kanchenjunga is a very beautiful peak in the world. But it is a great threat to the climbers. As it is also too difficult to climb because of unpredictable weather, avalanches and ice. The death rate of this peak has increased to 22% in the few recent years.

hardest mountain to climb3

Mt. Vinson Massif:
It is the highest peak of the continent Antarctica. The height of this mountain is 16,052 meters. Due to the extreme weather and unpredictable nature this peak is a great danger for the climbers. Even in summer it remains very dangerous to climb at the peak.

hardest mountain to climb4

Baintha Brakk:
The height of this mountain peak is 23901 meters. It is also known by a name The Ogre. Most of the expeditions on this mountain failed as only two or three expeditions became successful. It is a steep and high altitude mountain which makes difficult to reach at the top.

hardest mountain to climb5

Nanga Parbat:
It is probably the 9th highest mountain range in the world. In English the name Nanga Parbat means ‘Naked Mountain’. Climbers say it as a Man eater mountain. It is regarded as the toughest mountain to climb by some eminent mountain climbers because of it south face. The height of this mountain range is 15000ft.

hardest mountain to climb6

Fitz Roy:
It is relatively very short in height from the other peaks in this list. But technically according to climbers it is very hard to climb on this mountain. Because of the edgy granite faces it becomes very tough for the climbers. On an average each year a single climber become successful. This peak is located in Patagonia, the border of Chile and Argentina.

Fitz Roy Sunrise

The Eiger:
It is located on the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. The north face of this peak is named as ‘Murder Wall’. Great technical skill, experience, and fitness are needed to face the rocks and sudden ice falls.

hardest mountain to climb8

McKinley is the tallest mountain of North America. The height is about 20,320 ft and located in Alaska. Till now only 100 climbers had reached to the top as the success rate is approximately 50 %.

hardest mountain to climb9

The Matterhorn:
This is also a dangerous peak of Swiss Alps. The climbers face threat from avalanches and rock falls. Not only that the formation of this mountain is very steep that makes a great hurdle to the climbers.

hardest mountain to climb10