There are many habits that adversely affect our health as smoking, stay up late, eat junk food, drink …. But everyone knows those habits are bad, there are some habits that at first seemed very good for your health and you even regularly doing it. You actually not know that it really not bring any benefits to your health as you think but instead a lot of troubles. Here are some habits that we recommend you give up if you want to have a healthier life.

1. Oversleep at weekend

oversleep habit no good for your health

We often sleep a lot on weekends to make up for the early wake up to go to work during the week.

However, according to a research from the University of Pittsburgh showed this will make your the biological rhythm disturbed. Because after 6 days have to get up early, your body alignment for a reasonable time, but you break it makes the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes increases. Research shows, erratic sleep may make you gain weight faster than people who sleep in moderate and increased waistline.

2. The more vitamin the more health

habit no good for your health

Our body needs a lot of vitamins to operate. However the addition of vitamins need to be very cautious as not everyone has enough knowledge about it. Vitamin supplement in a lack of science way can lead to poisoning, causing waste filtering organs overwork leads to inflammation or dysfunction.

habit no good for your health

With a healthy diet, a lot of vegetables, your body has almost enought essential vitamins and you do not need to add vintamin throught the drug. When the body feels tired and you want the vitamin supplements then you should consult with your doctor, especially pregnant women.

3. Bath several times a day

habit no good for your health

Bathing several times in a day is actually not beneficial as we all think. According to research by Dr. Joshua Zeichner and Ranella Hirsch, frequent bathing especially with hot water or soap too much will cause the layer of oil on the skin is lost, causing dry skin and your skin will face the highly risk of infection infectious.

Every day you only need 1 to 2 times bathing is more than enough. Then you should have one day with no fully bathing, just clean some needed parts such as the armpit, genital …. With bodybuilder after workouts , you can use hot bath to help muscles relax more, but remember your skin care after hot bath.

4. When you cough, just cover your mouth is enough

habit no good for your health

When a fever, we often sneezing and runny nose, wearing a mask or cover your mouth when sneezing are actually not effective in limiting bacteria from your mouth to the air. Whenever sneezing, pressure release into the air of bacteria is very large and it contributes to the air around 100,000 bacteria. The better thing you should do If you have a bad cold, you should self-isolate with other people to avoid spread the disease to them.

5. Think that Microwave will makes the nutrients in food are lost

habit no good for your health

Experts at Harvard University believes that, contrary to the methods of other reheating food, microwave helps preserve nutrients better meal. It reheating food quickly, which means that vitamin C and other nutrients could not be destroyed.

6. Use alarm clock to wake up on time

habit no good for your health

The use of an alarm clock can help you not to be late, but when you’re sleeping and startled up to the sound of an alarm clock, it really did not feel comfortable at all and a lot of people usually turn it off and then back to sleep and still wake up late. And yet, that is sleep but was awakened suddenly by the sound alarm clock will cause effects on the cardiovascular, nervous and your blood pressure. Advice to you: It is best to familiarize yourself waking up on time and try to avoid the use of alarm clock.