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Choosing gym clothes is sometimes a very difficult job, because we all want to look stylish, glamorous but still comfortable and easy to workout. Appropriate workout outfit not only bring you good-looking appearance, but above all, it must serve for training purposes. When buying a new gym clothes, please note the following basic.


workout outfit for girl

Check and make sure the clothes you buy is made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a fabric suitable for exercise, it creates space for air circulation on the skin surface and helps sweat evaporate faster. Also, Dri-fit is also a good choice. Dri-fit fabric using polyester fibers mixed with cotton, designed specifically to sweat can slide on the fabric surface and evaporates more quickly, keep clothes are dry, do not generate as sweat pants bệt regular shirt. Nike is one of the sports fashion fabric used for most of its products.


workout outfit

Choose a fabric with high elasticity. Clothes elasticity gives you greater range of motion. You will see how useful they are when it comes to exercises to stretch human requirements. In addition, remember to check the belt pants with elastic spandex. Most sports trousers are designed spandex pants belt, they help to the dressing becomes faster, but just select the type that fit your waist.


bra outfit for workout

Invest in items that support best practice, such as a sports bra. Sports bra to keep your breast a leaner look when you workout. In addition, thick and wide straps will give you a lot less painful than being small and slender strap tight, not to mention you have to regularly edited if it is no longer disheveled air and exercise safely. Choose a bra that suit your size, make sure that it is comfortable and made from materials such as cotton or dry Dri-fit.

workout outfit for bra


suitable shoes for workout

Do not think that the gym is not required to invest in a good pair of shoes like when jogging. The right shoes can help you a lot during practice. For example, running shoes are designed specifically to increase the grip on the soles, to help you do not slip on the treadmill, especially in sprint exercises. Even when lifting weights, you’ll see a pair of shoes with good pads will reduce the pressure put on your feet, creating stability and help you withstand the pushing and pulling movements.