If a boy that looked so sickly and scrawny often difficult to attract the girls, the girls also did not like her boyfriend thin, so what is the best way to gain weight fast and effectively for man? Let find out with us:

Many people just eat normally even less and still gain weight while there are those who despite eating a lot of but can not gain any weight. You also have tried to go to the gym because you heard this is the best way to gain weight fast for men, but its still not work with you? Today we will give you the knowledge you need to gain weight fast and good for your health. To gain weight, first you need to understand yourself and apply rational principles below:

1. Eat double

The first way to gain weight fast for men is you have to eat twice the amount of your daily food, daily if you eat a piece of chicken breast only, so now let’s eat two, if only drink a glass of milk now let’s take two. This will help you double the amount of calories to generate excess energy to help you gain weight.

But first, lets calculate how many calories you eat with BMR calculator. It will tell you how many calories you need for one day.

2. Eat more food


The thing is sure, because if you only eat one type of food, it can not help you gain weight , so the load on the power from many more sources of food, and you need to eat more often, about 3 – 4 hours that you need to eat a meal such as fruit, nuts, dried meat …. it is best to set an alarm for the device so that it reminds you.

Moreover take breakfast on time, do not eat after 8 hours, this time your digestive system will operate inefficiently. Try to get up early to prepare one meal that hearty and full of nutrients .

3. Use larger bowls, plates

It really does not help much for your weight gain, but it can cause you to eat more food without having to get bored of getting food several times using small bowls, plates.

4. Do not workout with an empty stomach


Exercise is a way to gain weight fast for men is good because it helps increase metabolism and help you eat more but exercise with a completely empty stomach is not a good thing. Especially around the time of the morning, many people have the habit of morning exercise with an empty stomach.

Advice for you is need to eat before exercise about 30-45 minutes, it will help your body get the energy to workout without having to take out the stored energy to get you moving.

5. Eat nutritious food


Focus on foods rich in nutrients, especially protein and good fats, not to choose foods low in calories or low in nutrition.
You can check out a list of 30 high-protein foods here to help you gain weight quickly but not too much fat accumulation. Along with fruits for vitamin and mineral supplements .


6. Use supplement

The use of supplement foods support your weight gain will help provide large calorie and high protein sources to help you improve your weight, very suitable for person too busy and dont have time to prepare nutritious meals.

7. Always thinking of eating

The way to gain weight fast for men always need you MUST EAT …. if you do not eat, then you can never gain weight . Always thinking about eat constantly in mind, only then makes you gain weight rapidly and escape from your sick and thin body.