In the world of tennis there are four Grand Slam events that are held each year. For each sport there are special venues that make fans go crazy like the biggest football stadiums across the globe, the same way there are special events in tennis. The Australian Open played in Melbourne , Australia, The French Open played in Paris, France, Wimbledon played in London, England and The US Open played at Flushing Meadows, New York, USA. These tournaments are also called the Majors since they are the most important events in the world of tennis.

Let us take a close look at the 4 Majors:

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australian open

The Australian Open:

This Major comes first in any given calendar year. It is held in Melbourne, Australia in the last fortnight of January. It was first held way back in the year 1905. It has all the events for both Men and women. This event was played on grass till the year 1988. After that 2 types of Hard-court surfaces have been used. One is the Rebound Ace, which was used till 2007 and the other, Plexicushion from 2008 to the present. The Australian Open generally has very high spectator turn out, second only to the US Open.

It was the first Grand Slam event to start using retractable roofs when there was wet weather or very high temperature. These were at the Rod Laver Arena and the Hisense Arena.

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french open

 The French Open

This tournament is usually called the Roland Garros, is one of the Grand Slam events held every year for 2 weeks between late May and early June in Paris, France. Roland Garros was a very famous aviator who lived in early 1900s in France. It is currently the only Grand Slam event to be held on a clay court.

This particular tournament is considered to be very demanding physically since traditionally clay courts are very slow surfaces and also in the 5th set traditionally there is no tie break.

There is a great tradition attached to the French Open since it was founded in the year 1891 at Paris and it continues there. Normally if a player has to win this tournament, he has to be someone who is a specialist on clay courts.

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It is the world’s premier tennis event and hence called “The Championships”. It is a very old tennis event which was founded in the year 1877 in London, England. It is held at the All England’s Club and is considered the most prestigious of all Grand Slam events.

It has the unique honor of being the only major tennis tournament in the world that is still played on grass. Wimbledon is held every year for a couple of weeks between late June and early July. For the first time in 2009, Wimbledon installed the retractable roof because inclement weather was preventing the matches from being played. Wimbledon is also known for not having any advertisement banners or posters inside the courts. Like other Grand Slam tournaments , Wimbledon also has events for men and women.

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us open

The US Open

It is also one of the oldest tennis tournaments that was started in 1881. It is the last of the Grand Slams that are held every year, which is held in late August and early September. From the year 1978, the US Open is being played on Acrylic hard courts, while it was played on clay and grass before that. This tournament is organized and owned by the USTA and the proceeds are used to promote the game of tennis all over the US.

The US Open is one tournament where tie breaks are used in every set. The tournament is held at Flushing Meadows in New York City in the US.