World’s most popular footballers are just the same like us. Thinking why? Yes they also have some hobbies like we have. Inspite of their busy schedule and a lot of practice they save some time for their hobbies. And it sounds amazing that they spent their time with their hobbies regularly. It is very normal for them as they also have a same life like us. So as we all have some hobbies apart from our daily work. We try to spend our leisure time in hobbies. They also try to make out some leisure time out of their busy schedule to spend on their hobbies. Get to know about some famous footballers and their hobbies that will really amaze you.

Greatest Footballers and their Hobbies:

Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal): He has the strangest hobby as per me. Did you ever imagine that Christiano Ronaldo want to spend his leisure time playing Bingo. Yes he himself told this amazing fact to the media. He feels it interesting to wait for a single number to win.

greatest footballers and their hobbies1

Andrey Arshavin (Russia): No doubt that he is one of the most famous football players now. As we get the information about his education that he took up fashion as a subject in his university level. And he later took female fashion designing as his hobby. Still now he spends a lot of time in fashion designing.

greatest footballers and their hobbies2

Mortiz Volz (Germany): A famous German footballer comes with his sizzling hobby. Yeah he finds Cake making as his hobby. Sounds such that he is a foodie. You can also check out his personal website to know about his crazy habits.

Moritz Volz

Wayne Rooney (England): Rooney has a sort of interest in music. Although slight different from the above ones but in a same procedure he also likes to spend some time with his drum kit. Just imagine the scene Rooney playing his skilling drum solo.

greatest footballers and their hobbies4

Andy Cole (England): One of the famous goal scorers of Manchester united Andy Cole also has a deep interest in music. But it’s something different, because he doesn’t like to hang with an instrument instead of that he has a keen interest in Rap music. He once fascinated of being a Rap Star.

greatest footballers and their hobbies5

Nobby Solano (Peru): So glad to know that Solano is a fantastic Trumpet Player. He used to play the instrument regularly and it is heard that still he plays it regularly. He owns a three such trumpets which are very costly.

greatest footballers and their hobbies6

Daniel Agger (Denmark): Known for his tattoo all over the body. But interestingly he is a fantastic tattoo artist. It seems that he likes to show his skill with his own body as we have seen him many times with tattoos all over his body. Although I know that it’s being hard for you to believe but still it’s the truth. He loves doodling with the tattoo machine.

Denmark vs Germany

Eric Cantona (France): The famous Film actor and international footballer Eric Cantona has also a very artistic hobby. He loves to spend his leisure time with a paper and pen. He writes his feeling to create a poem. May be you went through any poem written by him. If not then search for one to read it.

greatest footballers and their hobbies8

Joseph Yobo (Nigeria): This Nigerian defender doesn’t likes to spend time other than sports. He also finds sports the most likely thing during leisure times. And yes his hobby is playing Table tennis. Also you should know that he have a foundation in his own name to help poor children in Nigeria.

greatest footballers and their hobbies9

Paul Scharner (Austria): Although known for his famous haircuts this Austrian defender also loves to spend his saved times in parachuting, Water Skiing and bungee jumping.

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