A $ 5,000 pair of shoes or a $ 150,000 golf clubs … the “collection” is only for the wealthy golfers.

1. Five star



The most expensive sets of golf clubs in the world today (including 14 kinds of golf clubs) belongs to Five Stars – a product of Honma, Japan. As the name “five stars”, the entire clubhead are coated with platinum and gold.

Price: $ 32,000.

2. First Lady Special Edition


Five Stars is the most expensive set of clubs, but if talking about the individual club, the title belonging First Lady Special Edition – special products of Barth & Sons’ GoldenPutter.Before now, the manufacture of its products in Germany are coated 24-carat gold 5 microns and is made from cherry wood. But First Lady Special Edition also reached a higher level. Shaft has a golden yellow, the handle is leather pink and first-class full diamond studded clubs.

Price: $150,000

3. Tri Maker


While playing golf, when your ball needs to be cleaned or located on the opponent’s ball, you have to temporarily mark the location of an object called the mark. Only tiny as that, but it will have a stunned price as Tri Maker when made with 18 carat white gold, diamond, amethyst, quartz gold …

Price: $10,000

4. Damier Geant Golf Bag


The most expensive golf club bag belong to Damier Geant Golf Bag, crafted by renowned fashion houses Louis Vuitton. Products made from cowhide, with wheels, multiple compartments for other items such as an umbrella in case it rains …

Price: $ 9,750

5. Garia LSV


Garia LSV is definitely the most expensive Golf cart. It is equipped with seat belts, mirrors, hydraulic brakes and 4-horsepower electric motor capable of speeds up to 11 meters per second. Besides, the Garia LSV also has all the safety features and entertainment such as straps, digital equipment, stereo or mini refrigerator panel.

Price: $ 62,000

6. Vegas’ Shadow Creek’s Ticket



The most expensive golf ticket belongs golfing Vegas’ Shadow Creek. Photo above is a corner of the hole No. 18 – the convergence of all the previous 17 holes such as forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, trees …

Price: $ 500

7. John Lobb


John Lobb’s shoes belong to Hermes company is not only famous in Golf, but also is considered one of the world’s most expensive shoes.

Price: $ 5,000