It is true that, even before people knew of the concept of jogging, driving, sports shoes or time clock, people running for one reason only: Survival. That is the starting point of athletics. Today, in Everything about the athletics history, let’s begin to learn about the history of this sport from ancient times to present.


There is an interesting story: “On a beautiful morning in the jungles of Africa, small gazelle, always wake up with an idea that: either it must outrun the fastest lion of forest, or is going to be eaten. And also the same in the same forest, jungle lord also wake up and understand that, or that it must outrun the fastest gazelle, or die of starvation. ” And the story is this: Whether you are a mighty lord jungle beast or a tiny gazelle, the most important thing in the morning to wake up that RUNS.

We humans, too, our ancestors had to run to hunt and run for survival. The only measure of success of a person running at that time whether or not you will hunt your prey safely before you become prey for others. And of course the best hunters of that time is sure to be the fastest runner. Even the Greek king had to prove that he was worthy of the highest throne by every 3 years, they must run a distance in the same time period.


Running sport was conceived and developed from the very struggle to survive. The first Olympic Games were taking place in Greece about 2,700 years ago (in 776 BC), the athletes have to participate in a contest that runs about 200 miles. Greeks love to run and they say in Greek is “mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body. And more, the winner of the race will be the people worshiped as gods.


Athletics was born

In the 1600s, the British in the long road trip to Rome, they have marked the road passing by each Kilometer. And thus, the Romans began to make up the race from his milestones. It also created the race between the “heroes” running come from different cities, as well as athletics history began.

During the second half of the 19th century, running has increasingly become an important sport. In the late 1800s, students in schools around the world have started organizing races. In the 20th century, a sprint athlete named Jess Owens black leather became Hitler demonstrate the superiority of our race Vietnam Aryan, created by Hitler, when he had consecutive winning the 100m distance, 36m and 400m at the Games of the Nazis households in 1936.