A part of fitness is being outdoors and this is well aided by motivational and inspirational training quotes, but more than this there is the need for fresh water. There are various methods in which water can be purified especially when you are camping outdoors or when you are stuck in a situation where things are disastrous.

camping outdoors 2

Camping is an adventure where you spend time outdoors, which should be tried by everybody. For most people spending quality time in the wilderness is a unique experience. Regular campers still recall the olden days when they could just immerse their head in the water and drink it.

floods in phillipines

One more instance where drinking water availability is a real challenge is when you are in disasters like floods, typhoons, heavy rain etc. For example, in a country like Philippines, people regularly face disaster situations since the country is prone for such natural disasters. In these type of situations a major concern is access to pure drinking water.

Whenever drinking water supply gets contaminated it poses a grave threat to life itself. All around the world still there are pockets where it is available naturally. Making use of water purification method is the order of the day wherever necessary .because the threat from biological toxic substances is something real.

For example, the art of securing pure water supply is taught in the US Armed forces as a basic training for survival. This can be done quite easily without any major complicated practices.

boiling water in the wild

Method 1. Water Purification: Boiling

It is widely known all over that majority of the pathogens are killed by boiling water. The boiling point of water is directly connected to the altitude in which you do that. Boiling point is 2120F at sea level, while you need to boil water at 1600F for thirty minutes if you are at a higher altitude.

Special Points:

Boiling water even though is a very good way to wipe out microorganisms, it is not an ideal way to clear out impurities and particulate matters.

iodine treatment of water

Method 2: Water Purification: Iodine Treatment

Iodine works very well against Giardia, which is the common cause of most intestinal problems. This is a widely used chemical treatment to purify water and is regarded a better way than chlorine treatment.

The method to do this is to add liquid 2% iodine about 5 to 6 drops for every quart of water. But if the water is more cloudy than usual, then you can go up to 10 drops. If you are using iodine tablets or crystals, then please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Special Points:

This method is not recommended for people with thyroid complications, men and women over 50 years of age, and pregnant or lactating mothers. For these set of people it is recommended that you use chlorine instead.

flitration of water

Method 3: Water Purification: Filtration

While you are camping, this is one more method of purifying water. All you have to do is to let the water pass through a membrane, so that the microorganisms and other particulates can get filtered.

Special Points:

To avoid the filter from getting clogged, remove as much sediments as possible before running the water through the membrane.

solar distillation of water

Method 4: Water Purification: Solar Distillation

This is one other way of purifying the water. It uses the sun’s heat to evaporate the water and then using plastic sheet or film the water is condensed and collected. This is a very tedious and slow method but sometimes in critical situations even a small amount of water becomes so important.

Special Points:

The one consideration here is that you should sanitize the materials used and the container and make sure that it is clean before embarking on this method.

It is always ideal to have at least a couple of water purification methods in hand to ensure you get pure and safe water while camping. This is because the threat from water borne diseases is a real one and by using such methods, you can avoid infections.