With Cristiano Ronaldo, 2016 is a special year. 31-year-old superstar has the Champions League with Real Madrid before winning the Euro championship with Portuguese team in France. After the peak of his success, the handsome midfielder consecutive opened hotels, private museums. Let’s take a tour inside the hotels and museums of this Portuguese footballer star.



Visitors coming to rest here can feel the atmosphere of football in every corner.


The smallest details are carefully tended. Even a cutting board also  with logo of hotel.


Hotel rooms are arranged very luxurious, with a nice view overlooking the harbor.


Earlier in July, Ronaldo also opened private museums. In the photo above is a wax statue in real size. On the wall are pictures recorded growth in the career of Ronaldo.


The individual title which Ronaldo won, of which the most prominent is the three golden balls into the world in 2008, 2013 and 2014.


Ronaldo’s new museum is expected to welcome more than 200,000 visitors each year than the old one of his own museum opened in 2013.


The new museum covers an area up to 1,400 square meters, 4x wide-old museum.


It exhibited 160 trophies that Ronaldo ever achieved in his career.


With this year’s Euro championship, Ronaldo is said to be strong candidate for the title of World Golden Ball.


Visitors from around the world eager to visit the museum and take pictures with the idol even just in the form of wax.