Top 10 good morning yoga poses for girls

Perform the morning yoga exercises is a good way to help you start a new day. You can do these exercises at home, or anywhere. The yoga exercises are not only exercises the body, but also much more. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, an ancient Indian language, which means that the connection between mind […]


Why should you combine fitness with Yoga

The benefits of Yoga are undeniable. Scientists have proven that yoga is good for the body’s flexibility and inner body parts such as respiratory or digestive system. Because of that, there were a lot of ideas that we should combine fitness with yoga exercises in order to improve the efficiency of both sport. Today, in Why […]


5 best partner yoga poses

You often see Yoga poses for individuals on the internet or in the fitness center. However, there are a lot of exercises are created for you and your friends to practice together. These exercises in addition to improving the health and toughness for each, can enhance friendship or a relationship between two people. Today, in 5 best […]


7 yoga poses for your belly

Modern women often want to have a slim, no fat and toned belly. However, not everyone can afford a few hours every day to get to the gym or fitness center. We have a solution for this problem, the yoga exercises that are gentle and do not waste much time can be useful to women’s waists. In […]


Reasons that why you still not good at basketball

Have you ever wondered why you and your friends together join a basketball team, but after only a short time your friend has a place in the first team while you’re still in the reserves team. Do not be discouraged or jealous with your friend, it just makes the situation getting worse. Reasons that why you still […]


10 Beginner’s Yoga Poses to Get Started

Yoga exercises are now very popular throughout the world and proved as one of the most effective body workout exercises that works like a miracle. Looking at those yoga poses seems very tough but actually it has some specific way of starting step by step. Yes some yoga exercises are very tough and as a […]


Want To Hold Your Breath For Over Two Minutes? Learn With These Simple Steps!

Holding your breath while you read about the top ten chess players in recent history is something different and what we are talking about is entirely different! This has more to do with breath control and the benefits of doing it right. Read on to know more! The first step: Start by forgetting everything around […]