Top 10 athletes with highest earning in 2016

Forbes magazine has released a list of 10 athletes with the highest income in the world. No surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid is at first place after what he has done in the past year. For the first time since 2000, No. 1 on the list of top athletes earn the most money […]


Top 10 world class supercar collections (part 5)

Today, we will continue to introduce to you another world-class car and motorcycle collection. The owner of this collection is a famous TV star, Jay Leno. He currently has a huge collection of almost 100 cars and motorcycles from various brands around the world that anyone dreamed about. Besides luxury cars likes Mercedes, Jaguar, Bugattis, Lamborghini in […]


Andy Murray is the highest earning male tennis player in 2016

Scottish tennis player has just ended the most successful season career with the world number one ranking and income money by ATP. Specifically, Andy Murray has earned 16,349,701$ in the past year, more than two million dollars compared with Novak Djokovic. Serbian tennis player earned 14,138,824$ and ranked number two. However, the gap between 2 […]


Top 10 world class supercar collections (part 4)

Car Collection is an extremely expensive hobby and the collector also must be a wealthy millionaire. It must be so, today in Top 10 world class supercar collections (part 4), we will introduce to you the collections of 2 very famous celebrity not only in the US but also around the world. Tim Allen  Surely […]


Top 10 world class supercar collections (part 3)

Today, let’s continue with the most spectacular supercar collections in the world. If someone is lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit their garage, I’m sure they will think that they have lost in a luxury car selling store. Kim Dotcom (Germany) Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz; 21 January 1974), also known as Kimble and […]


Insomnia syndrome and effective solutions

You feel tired and lifeless because they can not sleep at night? Insomnia causes many people can not sleep long enough. People with insomnia often have the following symptoms: Difficulty sleeping. Waking up during the night can not go back to sleep. Waking up too early. Feeling tired when you wake up. Sleepy and tired […]


Beautiful moments of Michael Phelps at Olympics

At the last Olympics in Rio, Michael Phelps proved his form is still on top. Olympic swimming legend has really caught the admiration with his brilliant performances.    


Super sexy Javelin throw queen – Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco former javelin athlete has potential, she has been voted the most attractive athletes at the Beijing Olympics 2008. And now, when retired, thanks to the beautiful looks, Leryn Franco turned to the prestigious modeling career. At age 34 and still retain her beauty, here are photos of of her incredibly attractive: Some of her […]


Top esport games with highest Awarding money (II)

For gamers, those game tournaments  is the opportunity for them to not only learn new techniques but also can earn rare items from trading and betting. On the publisher side, those tournament is an opportunity for them to introduce their games to the world. Because of this reason, those current popular eSports game usually have usually have […]


Top 10 most expensive Motorhome in the world

If you and your family love the long trip, definitely owning a Motorhome is not a bad idea. However, to get the feeling of comfort and convenience during your journey, the amount you have to spend for a car to meet such requirements are not small. Let take a look at 10 super luxury and expensive […]


8 pushup exercises for a perfect chest muscle

Push up is a quite familiar exercise with our men. Push up is no need to use tools that you can practice at home.Here are some very useful push up exercises that help you build and develop your chest muscle very well. 1. Push up with shoulder width This is the classic moves, it seems […]


Stuntman and actor looks alike in a surprising way

You feel overwhelmed by the dramatic actions of the stunt in many blockbusters, but you will also surprise if you know how similar between them and the “original”. Stuntman is like the “anonymous heroes”, always comes after the huge success of the action film. By enthusiasm and passion for the profession, the stunt despite the […]


Supercar collection of boxer Mayweather

Supercar collecting is one of the very costly pleasures of the rich, one of which was the famous boxer Mayweather. Here are 10 most expensive cars which Mayweather owns. 10. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is equipped with 8-cylinder engine with 6.3 liter capacity, the maximum capacity of 631 hp, maximum torque of 635 […]


10 athletes that made strong impression at the 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics have ended, but the strong impression that a number of athletes and participating countries still remained in the hearts of many sport fans. Besides the legendary athletes from countries such as the US, Great Britant or Jamaica, many smaller countries that joining the Olympics was a success for them, had made many unbelievable […]


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