The NFL’s Greatest Running Backs of all Time

When we think of NFL, we always think of its outstanding players those who mesmerize us with their outstanding performances and skills. The main feature of a footballer is running they are usually born with that. So we can easily think it as a natural talent. Running backs in football face a lot of tantrums […]


Kelly Brook – the girl with a perfect body dimensions

Today, IluvSport will introduce you to an ideal body that every girls and boys would probably dreamed about it. The young today tend to prefer models with slim models rather than a body with full figured body. However, Kelly Brook with 100cm breasts still looks super sexy even though she was 37 years old and it […]


Top 10 world class supercar collections (part 5)

Today, we will continue to introduce to you another world-class car and motorcycle collection. The owner of this collection is a famous TV star, Jay Leno. He currently has a huge collection of almost 100 cars and motorcycles from various brands around the world that anyone dreamed about. Besides luxury cars likes Mercedes, Jaguar, Bugattis, Lamborghini in […]


Andy Murray is the highest earning male tennis player in 2016

Scottish tennis player has just ended the most successful season career with the world number one ranking and income money by ATP. Specifically, Andy Murray has earned 16,349,701$ in the past year, more than two million dollars compared with Novak Djokovic. Serbian tennis player earned 14,138,824$ and ranked number two. However, the gap between 2 […]


Top 5 most beautiful female fighters

Martial art is not a sport only for men. Worldwide, the number of women practicing martial arts, though not as much as the number men, but also not small. Today, in Top 5 most beautiful female fighters, IluvSport will introduce you to 5 beauty who not only beautiful but also can beat you in a few seconds […]


Guide to choosing gym clothes for girls

Choosing gym clothes is sometimes a very difficult job, because we all want to look stylish, glamorous but still comfortable and easy to workout. Appropriate workout outfit not only bring you good-looking appearance, but above all, it must serve for training purposes. When buying a new gym clothes, please note the following basic. Material Check […]


Funny photos of Cristiano Ronaldo

If you are a football fan, you probably also more or less know the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. He always attracted the attention of journalists and fans even in training or on the field with his amazing ability to score and bring excitement momments to his fans. Today, in Funny photos of Cristiano Ronaldo, let’s relax […]


Reasons you should stop drinking

Within an hour of taking in your body, alcohol is absorbed with 80% in the entire small intestine and the rest of the stomach. Alcohol began to attack the body, including the liver and central nervous system to suffer the most. With fitness and bodybuilding the harmful effects of alcohol event double. If the above information […]


Top 10 good morning yoga poses for girls

Perform the morning yoga exercises is a good way to help you start a new day. You can do these exercises at home, or anywhere. The yoga exercises are not only exercises the body, but also much more. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, an ancient Indian language, which means that the connection between mind […]


7 delicious recipes for protein drinks

For a bodybuilder, the supplementary food is indispensable in their daily diet. However, despite trying to add more flavor, manufacturers of supplementary food are still unable to make their products become more delicious. If you’ve tired of making daily supplementary drink with only water as recipe on the package, 7 delicious recipes for protein drinks will give […]


22 mistake that hinder you from having a perfect body (Part 2)

In part 2 of series “22 That Hinder you from having mistake a perfect body,” we will continue to provide you with the extremely useful information to help you improve your workout results. Part 1: 22 mistakes that hinder you from having a perfect body (Part 1) 8. “Using any kind of shoes is also […]


Top 10 best place for climbing

Climbing is a sport full of adventure and challenges. More specifically, today, we want to focus on the climbing rock. It’s a sport very interesting but also extremely dangerous. There were so many wounded while trying to conquer a cliff. However, for many people, this thing makes this sport becomes more interesting and unique. They […]


10 reasons why you should exercise every day

Sports every day is good for your body. But few people know that exercise also brings many great benefits other than weight loss and improve muscle. Here, in 10 reasons why you should exercise every day, are 10 other benefits that practicing sport can bring to you. 1. Better posture First check your standing posture? Correct […]


Top 10 Hottest Male fitness model

Worldwide, millions of people come to the gym every day. However, not everyone can achieve results like these people listed in the list below. They are 10 models with a body shaped so incredibly perfect. That is the result of many years of hard training combined with diet plan and rest in a scientific way. According […]

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