Golf is a Funny Game; Most Hilarious Gif’s


Everything you need to know about Creatine

What is Creatine? Creatine is a substance that naturally in our bodies including 3 types of amino acid Arginine , Glycine and Methioneni. Creatine helps supply energy to muscle movement and especially with exercises that required speed. Put simply this is a substance that the body always have the energy to exercise. Creatine is available […]


Vitamin D and unexpected benefits for bodybuilders

Adding vitamin D to daily diet is still a matter that making many bodybuilders doubt about the benefits that it brings. Very few people know that vitamin D is extremely beneficial to health, especially for muscles. Vitamin D is an essential substance for the body, it affects pretty much on a daily workout of us. […]


Top 10 athletes with highest earning in 2016

Forbes magazine has released a list of 10 athletes with the highest income in the world. No surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid is at first place after what he has done in the past year. For the first time since 2000, No. 1 on the list of top athletes earn the most money […]


Old-time bodybuilders that you might have missed

Thousands of hours spent in the gym during their bodybuilding career, but the following old-time bodybuilders have not won many glory and trophies. The reason is not because they did not good enought but that they have been competing together with many other bodybuilding legend. SHAWN RAY Ray join Mr. Olympia from 1988 to 2001 […]


10 really helpful foods to increase butt size for girl

Surely besides the reason to lose weight, most girls go the gym to improve their butt size. A sexy girl certainly need a big and toned butt. However, nobody has born already own such things at all. All achievements are result of dieting and training. Today, IluvSport will introduce 10 types of food is extremely useful when […]


How to use milk reasonably at the gym

Nutrition is very important with bodybuilders’ bodies because they help their body can recover injuries as well as muscle development. However, with the variety of nutrients from different kind of foods makes people very difficult to understand their uses and the way to use them properly. In some next articles, we’ll introduce you some best […]


6 habits actually no good for your health as you think

There are many habits that adversely affect our health as smoking, stay up late, eat junk food, drink …. But everyone knows those habits are bad, there are some habits that at first seemed very good for your health and you even regularly doing it. You actually not know that it really not bring any […]


Top 10 world class supercar collections (part 5)

Today, we will continue to introduce to you another world-class car and motorcycle collection. The owner of this collection is a famous TV star, Jay Leno. He currently has a huge collection of almost 100 cars and motorcycles from various brands around the world that anyone dreamed about. Besides luxury cars likes Mercedes, Jaguar, Bugattis, Lamborghini in […]


9 tips to safety gain weight for girls

  Are you feeling lack of confidence and apprehension with your skinny body? Are you feeling uncomfortable when trying those skinny clothes? I’m sure that there is no sport that can help you gain a perfect body better than go to the gym. This is the best way to make you looks better in a healthy […]


The secrets to possess a sexy body like Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom is a young girl from Sweden, thanks to regular gym workouts routine, she finally owned a toned and sexy body. That made her have become famous around the world and on social network with thousand of ultra-glamorous pictures. Anna has nearly 4 million fans on Instagram where she posted pictures of herself in very sexy […]


Nothing is impossible with Katrina Freds – from a school janitor become a professional bodybuilder

This success stories of a young girl from a school janitor becomes a bodybuilding athletes surely will make you a lot more motivated to go to the gym. Due to difficult circumstances, after graduating from high school, Katrina Freds had to find a job to support her family. She took 2 jobs at once, in addition […]


Stunning and sexy photos of super model Michelle Lewin

Supermodel Michelle Lewin is an extremely popular figure in America. She known for owning a ripped bodies and millions of followers on social networking. Unlike many other models, Michelle became fascinated by her sexy body with a lot of toned muscles. Michelle Lewin has nearly 10 million fans are following her personal page. Dailystar once […]


The importance of fiber and effective ways to use fiber for a perfect body

Most people understand that fiber plays an important role in the health of the body. However, you probably do not know, to have a perfect body, fiber is one of the indispensable companion for bodybuilders. If you are looking to improve the quality of your daily meals and also aiming for a perfect body shape, this article […]

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