The NFL’s Greatest Running Backs of all Time

When we think of NFL, we always think of its outstanding players those who mesmerize us with their outstanding performances and skills. The main feature of a footballer is running they are usually born with that. So we can easily think it as a natural talent. Running backs in football face a lot of tantrums […]


Old-time bodybuilders that you might have missed

Thousands of hours spent in the gym during their bodybuilding career, but the following old-time bodybuilders have not won many glory and trophies. The reason is not because they did not good enought but that they have been competing together with many other bodybuilding legend. SHAWN RAY Ray join Mr. Olympia from 1988 to 2001 […]


Reasons why girls should wear sport bra when go to the gym

Sports bra is one of the indispensable outfit at the gym for girl, if you do not want your lovely breasts disfigured after training. Scientists have studied the motion of the breasts of women to design bra with supportive tasks, limited impulse, keep maintain your breasts youthfulness and firmness longer. When we training hard, sports […]


Sports athletes when nude will look like?

Have you ever imagined how nude photographs of sports athletes will look like? Let’s explore with IluvSport artistic nudity of sports athletes were taken by sports magazine ESPN. 1. Ali Krieger – Footballer Solid body, but also no less sexy of Ali Krieger in a state of wearing nothing. 2. Alexandra Raisman – Gymnastics Stunning photos show […]


Reasons you should stop drinking

Within an hour of taking in your body, alcohol is absorbed with 80% in the entire small intestine and the rest of the stomach. Alcohol began to attack the body, including the liver and central nervous system to suffer the most. With fitness and bodybuilding the harmful effects of alcohol event double. If the above information […]


5 reasons you should running in the morning

Many people have asked me to running in the morning or at night running better. My answer is to run at the time that convenient for you is best, but if possible, you should run in the morning. Why do I suggest this? In 5 reasons you should running in the morning, I’ll give you […]


5 simple exercises that you can use the wall

You do not have exercise equipment? No problem, all these exercises require only a wall. With these simple exercises program, you just need to use a wall. Perform three rep for a set, one minute break between each exercise. 1. Shoulder Exercise This is an exercise not only good for shoulderbut also has a positive impact […]


7 delicious recipes for protein drinks

For a bodybuilder, the supplementary food is indispensable in their daily diet. However, despite trying to add more flavor, manufacturers of supplementary food are still unable to make their products become more delicious. If you’ve tired of making daily supplementary drink with only water as recipe on the package, 7 delicious recipes for protein drinks will give […]


Top 10 best place for climbing

Climbing is a sport full of adventure and challenges. More specifically, today, we want to focus on the climbing rock. It’s a sport very interesting but also extremely dangerous. There were so many wounded while trying to conquer a cliff. However, for many people, this thing makes this sport becomes more interesting and unique. They […]


10 reasons why you should exercise every day

Sports every day is good for your body. But few people know that exercise also brings many great benefits other than weight loss and improve muscle. Here, in 10 reasons why you should exercise every day, are 10 other benefits that practicing sport can bring to you. 1. Better posture First check your standing posture? Correct […]


7 interesting places to test your courage

If you are bored with each morning jog in the park, why not try experience some adventure sports to change your life a little bit, huh? Today, in 7 interesting places to test your courage, lets we introduce you to some amazing places that only the brave dare to try. 1. Moher peak, Ireland Although only located at […]


11 adventure games you should try once in your life

Adventure is always challenging every human qualities but gives the feeling of being the conqueror. Today, in 11 adventure games you should try once in your life, let us introduce to you 15 adventure game where if you do not try once in your life you will regret. 1. Cross the Sahara, North Africa Sahara, 8.5 million km2 stretching […]


20 incredible advanture things human can do

If aerobatics or playing with the lion is the most adventurous things that you think people can do it, this article will make you think again. Have you ever think humans can hanging on a high rocky mountains or parachuting from a cliff. That people that really do exist. If you do not believe what we just […]


5 safety tips when running for the ladies

Many runner usually never pay attention to the issue to ensure safety on the road while running. Today’s street are full of unpredictable danger : errant vehicles, robbery rampant, pervert everywhere. Running on the road is not safe at all, especially for the girls. You must always be careful to not fall into dangerous situations for […]

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