The most expensive Golf items ever made

A $ 5,000 pair of shoes or a $ 150,000 golf clubs … the “collection” is only for the wealthy golfers. 1. Five star   The most expensive sets of golf clubs in the world today (including 14 kinds of golf clubs) belongs to Five Stars – a product of Honma, Japan. As the name […]


10 golden rules of Gary Player about golf

Although already 81 years old but the health, fitness and work schedules of Gary Player still led many young golfers to admire. Along with us to discover his 10 golden rules. 1. Exercise as a part of life It was not a temporary habits. Whether your exercise program small, but you also need to make it […]


Top 10 world’s highest income athletes in 2015

CNBC recently listed sports stars earn the most money in 2015. As the outstanding talents in their respective fields and owns millions of fans around the world, of course, no surprise that their income up tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars in just 12 months. 10. Kobe Bryant: 49.5 million USD He served […]


The reason you should play golf

Everyone has a passion for the sport they choose, so there are always debates took place daily in the choice of the most amazing sport. Golf Monthly Magazine UK has confirmed the Golf is the leading sport by following reasons: 1. Golf is a gentlemanly sport Golf has unwritten rules such as not being allowed to […]


Top 10 most popular sports in the world

Playing sports is one of the best way to improve your health while saving your time and money as much as possible. However, today, in the world there are hundreds of sport being practiced and played. If you are still wondering whether the sport you should choose to exercise, we have made a list of 10 […]


10 athletes refused to attend the 2016 Olympics because of Zika

Rio 2016 Olympic missed many famous sports athletes of world sports because of concerns surrounding Zika epidemic, causing neonatal brain atrophy. That disease is really very dangerous, and Brazil is one of the places are having serious problems with Zika virus. Not surprisingly, when the following athletes have refused to attend Olympic worried for their health: 1. Rory […]


7 HIIT exercises, Tabata and tradition combine

If there exists the exercises that can help girls achieve optimal results within 15 minutes? The trick is to combine HIIT exercises, Tabata with traditional exercises. First you set all the major muscle groups to fatigue with a 10-minute traditional exercises. Then Tabata exercises to finish  (Tabata training is a form of HIIT). There are two different […]


4 reasons why you should jump rope

Jump rope is widely known as a sport simple, easy to play and very good for health. There are many athletes to jump rope into their training program. So, do you really know all the benefits that jump rope giving your body? 4 reasons why you should jump rope will explain why jump rope are so popular […]


Want To Know About The Top Female Golfers Of The World? Take A Look!

There are many popular sports around the world and the popularity of the sport is determined by the participation of people in it. One of the prime examples of popular sports around the world is skiing.  Do you know the world’s best ski runs? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Another sport that seems to […]


Top 10 Chess Players In Recent History

Chess is an indoor game which requires extraordinary focus and concentration from the players. It would  not be totally wrong to compare chess with gymnastics; one is completely mental the other is physical. But imagine if you compared the Grandmasters to the top women gymnasts who scored a perfect 10! There have been numerous Grandmasters […]


Top 10 Most Popular Indoor Sports In The World

All sporting activities require a great amount of skill, physical fitness and flexibility. Have you ever looked at the best women tennis players of all time? Then you will know what we mean. Indoor sports also comes under this category where the best part is that it never gets affected by weather conditions. Let us […]


25 Best Golfers Of All Time

Golf is a game which has clubs and balls. They say golf is not for everyone as it needs a lot of space to be played and an altogether different mindset. But is that not true for every sport there is, like the five of the most deadly martial arts, which again need physical and […]