Top 10 most valuable F1 racing team in the world

Formula 1 is the highest level of sports car racing organized by the International Automobile Federation, and also the most expensive sport on the planet. Expenses for research and production of each F1 racing team is hundreds of millions of dollars each year. March every year, the new Formula 1 season officially kicks back. Here […]


Top 10 longest shots in NBA season 2012-2013

The 3-point shot played an important role in a lot of basketball games. There are moments with just a 3-point shot, your team has overturned the situation and win. Therefore, PG position is always taken seriously and get more attention from teammates, opponents and fans. And in the NBA, the league of the best basketball […]


Top 10 Greatest Formular 1 Drivers

Born in 1950, so far, Formular 1 has become a very popular sport. Every year, the Formula 1 races to be held in various locations around the world. Since this races was born, has a lot of legendary racers were discovered. They were admired not only by the their driving skills  but also by their […]


15 Most Unfortunate Deaths In Formula One

The thing about sports is that some of them are deadly ones like five of the most deadly martial arts, while there are others that cause harm to the participants themselves. Formula One racing is a sport where the drivers are always living on the edge. Thankfully, the last death in a formula one race […]