Top 10 best place for climbing

Climbing is a sport full of adventure and challenges. More specifically, today, we want to focus on the climbing rock. It’s a sport very interesting but also extremely dangerous. There were so many wounded while trying to conquer a cliff. However, for many people, this thing makes this sport becomes more interesting and unique. They […]


7 interesting places to test your courage

If you are bored with each morning jog in the park, why not try experience some adventure sports to change your life a little bit, huh? Today, in 7 interesting places to test your courage, lets we introduce you to some amazing places that only the brave dare to try. 1. Moher peak, Ireland Although only located at […]


Why do people always want to conquer Everest

Every spring, next to the stories of success, there is no lack of those tragedies of climbing the Everest, including a recent avalanche resulted in 13 people living around the area killed while climbing. There must be some reason that although extremely dangerous but every year there are a lot of people trying to conquer Mount […]


Top 10 oldest Everest summiters

Mount Everest, also known in Nepal as Sagarmāthā and in Tibet as Chomolungma, is Earth’s highest mountain. It is located in the Mahalangur mountain range in Nepal and Tibet. Its peak is 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level. Since being confirmed as the highest mountain in the world over the past 150 years, every year […]


Top NBA players who have their own signature shoes

Not only in the NBA, but in many other sports, the famous players often have contracts with famous sports fashion brand  for their own products. Especially, these shoes with the name of these players made a major contribution to spread their name around the world. Today, in Top NBA players who have their own signature shoes, IluvSport will […]


Highest retail price basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are very appreciated not only by those who play basketball, but also by the fashionistas. Today, in Highest retail price basketball shoes, ILuvSports will list out 14 basketball shoes with the highest retail prices ever. 1.Nike Air Foamposite: $170 Was released in 1997,this Penny Hardaway’s shoes are not only surprised others by its […]


List of Asian NBA players

National Basketball Association, also called NBA, is a professional basketball league in the US. All these best basketball players  in the world are here. It also considered the sport of giants with an average height of players is 6 ft 7 in (2m 01). For those Asian people who known for their small body, to play in […]


How to choose basketball shoes

In basketball, as well as in many other sports, shoes are an indispensable accessory for the player. If you are a experienced player, selecting a pair of shoes that suits you is not difficult, however, for a beginner, in front of hundreds of shoes from many different genres, to pick out a proper shoes will be very difficult. […]


Reasons that why you still not good at basketball

Have you ever wondered why you and your friends together join a basketball team, but after only a short time your friend has a place in the first team while you’re still in the reserves team. Do not be discouraged or jealous with your friend, it just makes the situation getting worse. Reasons that why you still […]


Do You Want To Know The Greatest Basketball Players Ever? Here Is The List!

When it comes to basketball, there are many fans of the game as well as many who aspire to play and win at the game. It is mistakenly assumed that height is the main criteria for winning at the game but this theory has been disproved by the greatest short basketball players in history.  Speaking […]


Wilt Chamberlain is better than Michael Jordan: Explanation

Basketball is a widely popular game in the world. Those who are a real fan of this game would obviously think about the best ever basket ball player. In this issue, there is a lot of controversy about the greatest player of basketball. Some group of people say that Michael Jordan is the greatest ever […]


10 Hardest Mountains to Climb

Mountain Climbing is one of the toughest sports in this World. It needs a lot of guts and self confidence to continue this sport. It has a lot of life risk. According to people the most popular climbing mountain is Mt. Everest. But it is not so for the climbers. Actually Mt. Everest is the […]


40 Basketball Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Men

While there are some in the world who think of basketball as just a game but for others who love the game, basketball can be a religion. It can become something that they think about all the time and something that brings them joy every time you think of it. In fact there are those […]


Tips On How To Rock At Rock Climbing

Do it more often: In many instances, people go wrong when they actually train for rock climbing by going to the gym to bring their level of fitness up. In fact, they should be out there climbing on rocks instead as this will mean hands on training. You may need to hit the gym hard […]

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