20 great MMA techniques commonly used (part 2)

In a MMA fight, the punch of boxing, the kick of karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai or Judo throws techniques and Jujitsu ground techniques are all allowed. With the aim to increase flexibility for fighters, most of technique in the martial arts are used in MMA. Today, in 20 great MMA techniques commonly used (part 2), let see […]


Emily Ratajkowski – Sexy boxer in the ring

Emily Ratajkowski is a supermodel, and also a very hot actress in the world. In 2013, appearing in a music hit video Blurred Lines of Robin Thicke helped her become famous around the world. She also becoming a sexy symbol and was the favorite model of many man magazine like Sports Illustrated or GQ, FHM … […]


Top 10 world’s highest income athletes in 2015

CNBC recently listed sports stars earn the most money in 2015. As the outstanding talents in their respective fields and owns millions of fans around the world, of course, no surprise that their income up tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars in just 12 months. 10. Kobe Bryant: 49.5 million USD He served […]


Recipe for a perfect punch for beginners

Boxers has many different types of punches and also many different types of knock out. So, which is the key factor in a perfect punch? Is strength plays an important role as techique and choosing the right time with speed. Witnessing one punch knock out the opponent is one of the shocking and unforgettable moments […]


20 great MMA techniques commonly used (part 1)

With the advantage of satisfying both the media and entertainment industry, professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) today has grown rapidly and disseminated throughout the world. MMA is also growing sport in America and many countries in the world put into training in the martial arts center. The MMA techniques are inspired by the traditional martial […]


10 amazing Muhammad Ali fights

Muhammad Ali real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., born January 17, 1942, they often called him  Muhammad Ali-Haj, or Muhammad Ali as we often still called. He is considered as one of the heavyweight American boxer in the world’s best all-time, he was elected a sports athlete of the 20th century before King Pele football […]


Top 5 movies about the legendary Muhammad Ali

With the successful in boxing career and admirable philosophy, the legendary Muhammad Ali was the director portrayed through a lot of film work and document. attractive and below are the top 5 best films talks about his life. Below, in Top 5 movies about the legendary Muhammad Ali, we will present to you five of the best […]


Top worst accidents ever in sport

Sports are loved around the world for its undeniable benefit to human health as well as the mental. However, in sports, sometimes we can not fully predict what might happen. The collision occurred regularly in sport can be very dangerous. Everyday on their job, athletes have to face the risk injury…some even flirt with death. The […]


10 greatest heavyweight boxers

Some documents indicate that Boxing originated in northern Africa about 4000 BC and the Mediterranean around 1500 BC. Today, boxing is popular worldwide with many gym or fitness center use it as an exercise to increase body flexibility . Boxing is a martial art that combines harmony between the leg moves and fists. Boxer who practise […]


40 Muhammad Ali Inspirational Quotes

Sportsmen are always the greatest inspirations of humans. It is always said that sports is the most popular source of inspiration to people. Lot of emotion and sentiments are always attached with any sports. As a result the players and athletes are always seen to make inspirational quotes throughout their career and even life. This […]


10 Boxers who have died in the Ring

It is very usual that a boxer will get injuries during his game. It’s a part of the game. Each and every boxer gets several injuries but some of them become very serious. Even they have suffered for that injury over a long period. But although very rare still many famous boxers have died in […]


Learn The Basics Of NHL Hockey With This Guide

It is actually sad and misleading that people are able to quote the great world records in the world of football but find it difficult to remember the rules of hockey. They feel that understanding the rules is too tough but in fact are not that difficult to remember. Of course, you know that rules […]


25 Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Boxing is one of the few sporting activities where only 2 people are involved. Unlike football which is a team game and has records like the 13 greatest world records in the world of football. But there are other records about boxing and here they are: Greatest Boxers Of All Time 25. Jake LaMotta Years […]