Old-time bodybuilders that you might have missed

Thousands of hours spent in the gym during their bodybuilding career, but the following old-time bodybuilders have not won many glory and trophies. The reason is not because they did not good enought but that they have been competing together with many other bodybuilding legend. SHAWN RAY Ray join Mr. Olympia from 1988 to 2001 […]


The importance of fiber and effective ways to use fiber for a perfect body

Most people understand that fiber plays an important role in the health of the body. However, you probably do not know, to have a perfect body, fiber is one of the indispensable companion for bodybuilders. If you are looking to improve the quality of your daily meals and also aiming for a perfect body shape, this article […]


Super sexy Javelin throw queen – Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco former javelin athlete has potential, she has been voted the most attractive athletes at the Beijing Olympics 2008. And now, when retired, thanks to the beautiful looks, Leryn Franco turned to the prestigious modeling career. At age 34 and still retain her beauty, here are photos of of her incredibly attractive: Some of her […]


10 athletes that made strong impression at the 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics have ended, but the strong impression that a number of athletes and participating countries still remained in the hearts of many sport fans. Besides the legendary athletes from countries such as the US, Great Britant or Jamaica, many smaller countries that joining the Olympics was a success for them, had made many unbelievable […]


Sports athletes when nude will look like?

Have you ever imagined how nude photographs of sports athletes will look like? Let’s explore with IluvSport artistic nudity of sports athletes were taken by sports magazine ESPN. 1. Ali Krieger – Footballer Solid body, but also no less sexy of Ali Krieger in a state of wearing nothing. 2. Alexandra Raisman – Gymnastics Stunning photos show […]


The most appropriate time for exercise

The exercise is a very important part of any exercise program, whether you are fitness, strength, sport, or lose weight. Exercise increases endurance and is an important factor to prevent heart disease and other diseases. But are not you just go out to run a few minutes to achieve results. Not so easy. Refer to The […]


How to treat injuries from jogging

What should we do when hurt or injured? With any injury you suffered while running, injury treatment in a timely manner, follow How to treat injuries from jogging advices: If you have pain at the beginning of your running, warm up in a few minutes, if the pain go away and not seen again in training […]


5 reasons you should running in the morning

Many people have asked me to running in the morning or at night running better. My answer is to run at the time that convenient for you is best, but if possible, you should run in the morning. Why do I suggest this? In 5 reasons you should running in the morning, I’ll give you […]


10 best running shoes for women 2014

Evaluate the quality a pair of running shoes can not rely on brand, price or design, the most important factor for a perfect pair of running shoes for your feet is stability, grip, padded in soles and comfort for your feet. Here, in 10 best running shoes for women 2014,  is a list of 10 […]


20 most impressive marathons in the world (part 1)

If you want to challenge your stamina and toughness, and want to be involved in big and unique marathons in the world. Take a look at the list of 20 most impressive marathons in the world, to inspire or add it to the list of competitions that you should participate once in your life. 1. Paris […]


Reasons why you vulnerable to injury while jogging

“Why do I often injured while jogging?” That is the question that many begining runner ask themselves. Simple answer lies in the strength and endurance of the muscle tissue in each. Always there is a certain limit that muscles, tendons and ligaments can withstand before the injury occurred.So what is that limit? Why some people […]


16 fitness girls you do not want to miss

Today, girls are wanting not only a perfect body but also healthy. Therefore, a lot of young girls look up to the gym to workout and get in shape as desired. And one way to be motivated to practice as well as helpful information about diet and exercise that is through social networking. Through Instagram, a lot of […]


20 extremely funny photos in football

In football, sometimes outside of the extreme tension moments in the final matchs is the funny moments that fans or players accidentally or intentionally created. Today, in the 20 extremely funny photos in football, let take a look at 20 hilarious moments that happen in the football fields. Arsene Wenger must change clothes right on the pitch […]


20 most impressive marathons in the world (part 2)

If you love running and want to challenge yourself, refer 20 most impressive marathons in the world (part 2) to find out 20 marathon competitions that you sure will not want to miss. 11. Reggae Marathon, Jamaica If you’re looking for an outdoor race, a sunny place, go to the tropical island of Jamaica. Race distances will be […]

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