If you see the bottom of your need to be improved, a workout plan of fitness or bodybuilding will help you properly. If you can achieve a perfect booty, firm buttocks or not? This is partly dependent on the muscles in your body and genes. Perfect is not sure, but most of us can exercise to get better butt. Have you started yet? Let refer Best ways to improve womens booty to get the best advice for your butt.

1. Squat

Squat exercise is the first exercise on the list. It directly affects the buttocks. You can help increase muscle faster by holding weights in hands. It is important to set properly.

Posture: Keep your feet parallel, shoulder length. Slowly lower hips down. Felt like you was sitting on a invisible chair; then stand back up. Keep your back straight.


2. Squat with ball

When you first start, a ball can help you keep balance while you adjust posture. With each exercise in our list, set goals 3 set, each set 15 rep. This is better for beginners. Try to practice each exercise 3 times a week.

Posture: Keep the ball in the middle of the back and wall. Slowly perform squat.


3. Forward Lunge

This butt exercises are also useful for the thighs and legs. It also is an effective exercise to burn calories.

Posture: Legs parallel, step one leg far forward. Lower the body down slowly, bend your knees and then back to standing position. Repeat with the other leg. Do not bend your knees more than 90 degrees, front knee directly above the ankle. Do not touch the back knee on the floor.


4. Backward Lunge

When you step back, it will focus more on some muscle and create diversity. Lunge helps hips more flexible, especially helpful for people who sit at a desk for hours.

Posture: Use the same posture as the Forward Lunge but instead steps backwards.


5. Bridge

This classic exercise is good for buttocks.

Posture: Start on your back with knees bent, feet hip horizontal spread. Slowly lift the spine off the floor, tighten the buttocks and pretentious. Stop when you create diagonal corner from the shoulder to the knee. Slowly lowered.


6. Diet

Only exercises will not help you lose weight and shrink oversized buttocks (due to fat), it only helps you firmer. For both small and round buttocks firmer you need in combination with diet. Closely monitor calories, burn more calories from exercise. This will help you reduce the fat on the buttocks. The result will be toned buttocks, better streamlined.


7. Outfit help butt look bigger

Besides the workout you also need to choose the right clothes to fit. Rear pocket also create the illusion of good. But remember not to select the rear pocket too long. It will make you look flat rear, saggy. A good choice to reveal your curve is kind of tight pants.