beach workout

The gym has long become a habit as well as the pleasures of both men and women every morning or afterwork. Summer, beside going the gym and follow a regular plan, then why not try to change the location to a cooler place with fresh air and more beautiful girls? A beach with sun, wind and sexy girls in bikinis is also a great place to gym right?

Benefits of beach workout

First, the gym on the beach makes us comfortable by rather tight in the crowded gym, workout while enjoy the beach is much more better, and result is also remarkable.

A recent study indicates that, in addition to the beach gym is very beneficial for health and have much better efficiency than the gym on a flat and hard surface flooring. Explain about this, scientists believe that the body we will have to use more muscle groups to adapt to different conditions on the beach and that will help burn calories by 50% with each exercise. Moreover, due to the soft beach sand the joints of your body can reduce the pressure during exercise, so will reduce injuries, increase the recovery time of muscles.

Experience the beach workout with the following useful exercises:

1. Plank

beach workout plank

This is one of the very ideal exercise to prefer the beach. The plank set on sand will reduce the pressure of the hand, thigh muscles so your arms and legs will not be tired and will remain tough to rally to the next movement.

2. Skip rope

skip rope great beach workout

This is both exercise as well as fun games for couples, groups of friends when choosing beach to workout. When jumping rope in the sand will have to use more energy to jump up, so that also burn calories more efficiently. We can say jump rope as fun, has reduced the fat, in fact so perfect for a beach workout.

3. Sprint

good exercise to lose fat

No exercise is more effective in reducing fat than sprint. Moreover, sprinting on the beach is a lot more interesting than running on the treadmill in the gym. Resistance for sand makes your feet have to put a lot more energy, wind resistance also makes the practice became harder but more efficiency.

4. Squat

beach workout for your butt an thighs

A great exercise for the buttocks, thighs and you also can not is beyond this list, right. This is an exercise that girls can practice along with their friends and also can show their toned butt to the boys.

5. Broad Jump

This action fits perfectly with the training on the beach because inherently this exercise while training required a soft ground to landing safe and do not cause injury during training.

6. Push up

beach workout pushup

A great body weight exercise that you can practise on beach or the park without any tools or equipments.