The exercise is a very important part of any exercise program, whether you are fitness, strength, sport, or lose weight. Exercise increases endurance and is an important factor to prevent heart disease and other diseases.
But are not you just go out to run a few minutes to achieve results. Not so easy. Refer to The most appropriate time for exercise to get the right information on time as well as appropriate training for you.

1. The most appropriate time for exercise

There is no fixed time for everyone to share. It depends on the individual. For example, if you feel tired when you wake up and you need an hour or two to recover energy, the morning is not a good time for you to exercise. Listen to your body.


2. Should we exercise in the morning while having an empty stomach

No! Maybe you will ask”what if I want to burn fat?” Not that the body will burn fat while training the morning because then the least amount of carb ? No, fat burning does not occur during exercise, which is about 2 hours later. Instead, when exercise, your body will “burn” muscle for energy.In the morning when you wake up, your body is not recharged in about eight hours, it needs feeding to get energy.So when you wake up at 5 am, eat lightly and wait at least 30-45 minutes before exercise.


3. Exercising right before weight training

Should not! Except for the person who only use light weights and do not want to increase muscle, especially women.Most men want to increase muscle. If you exercise before, you to have to use your reserves glycogen. And you do not have the strength to lift weights max, maximum lifting weights at the end of a set is an important factor stimulating muscle growth. Previous exercise also lowered protein synthesis and thus the ability to build muscle (depending on you to light or heavy exercise).Of course you can also weight training exercise after a few hours and provide enough nutrients for the body. But it also will influence more or less to the weight.


4. How about exercise after weight training?

It’s better than before training. The reason is that weight training does not deplete glycogen reserves as much as cardio. However, I recommend that if you want to exercise after weight training, wait at least two hours.


5. So what is the best result?

To achieve good results you should not exercise and weight training on the same day. If you do weight training 4 days for 1 week then exercise the remaining three days. Note that to avoid exercising too close to leg days, it will make you sore and tired feet.