Many recent studies show that, four behaviors included smoking, drinking too much alcohol, do not exercise, do not eat enough fruits and vegetables – can propel you to a quick death and earlier than planned .

Fortunately, you can do something to overcome these habits as well as creating other healthy habits to improve health and life. 9 tips for you to have a healthier life will give some advice that if you can make them, definitely your health and life will be greatly improved.

1. Do not eat too much

If you want to live longer, trying to curb the appetite. Dan Buettner author, researcher longevity in the world, has found that most older people in Japan have a habit to stop eating when they feel full about 80%. In a 2008 study, they said: caloric restriction in the diet will help reduce production T3, a thyroid hormone slows the metabolism and accelerate the aging process.


2. Regular and healthy sexual life

Having sexual satisfaction 2-3 times a week can extend your life for at least 3 years. This activity helps you consume calories when you run the equivalent of 30 minutes.


3. Do not watch TV too much

Spend too much time in front of the TV can cause serious harm to your health.

In fact, a 2010 study showed that people who watch TV from 4 hours or more have a higher risk of death by 46% compared to those who only see 2 hours a day.


4. Stay away from the sun

Avoid the sun can prevent skin cancer, and help you look younger by preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.


5. Build relationships

The research shows that you are at high risk of heart disease if you do not build yourself a network of friends and family.

Loneliness affects not only psychological but also can cause inflammation, dangerous like having high cholesterol or smoking.


6. Do not drinking too much

2 glasses of wine or more for women and 3 glasses or more per day for men can cause serious problems for your health.


7. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Not eating or eating too few fruits, vegetables, organic every day can make your health steadily declined.


8. Exercise everyday

Daily exercise can be something as simple and effective so that we have a good health and younger every day.

A 2008 study showed that regular exercise high intensity (like running) can further extend your life up to 4 years.


9. No smoking

Quit smoking is the most important job and needed to maintain health and longevity.

A study published in the Journal of the American Public Health found that women who quit smoking before age 35 add about 6-8 years to her life.