Surely many office people will sometimes suffer from back pain and always looking for an exercise to help relieve back pain quickly and effectively. Seeing this as an essential need of the people, we would like to introduce you to the 9 exercises help relieve back pain without having to leave your desk.

1. Shoulder shrug


An solution for your upper back pain:

  • Sitting in a chair, back straight. 2 loose hands
  • Your shrugged up as high as possible, keep the neck straight
  • Lower down and repeat at a faster pace.

2. Shoulder Blade Pinch

Shoulder Blade Pinch

  • Sitting upright, hands relaxed, placed close to the body, the neck straight.
  • Pull your shoulders back, squeeze as much as possible, not up and down the shoulder.
  • Pull the shoulder blades together up front as possible.
  • Repeat with moderate speed.

3. Shoulder Rolls


  • Sitting upright, put your hand on the shoulder or let them relax also ok.
  • Rotate your shoulders clockwise direction.
  • Rotate backwards.
  • Repeat with with moderate speed.

4. Spinal Twist

Spinal Twist

  • Sitting upright, two hands placed behind your head, knee extended.
  • Twisting body to the left.
  • Twisting back to the right.
  • Perform repeatedly relaxed pace.

5. Back Arches

Back Arches

  • Put two hands behind your head, sat up straight, eyes toward the front. Shoulder knee extended.
  • Leaned back among the front, chest, face toward the ceiling, neck, shoulders, head tilted back, chin upward.
  • Back to the old position and repeat several times.

6. Seated Forward Fold

Seated Forward Fold

  • This is a classic yoga posture, reduce back pain very effective.
  • Sitting upright, hands to hands folded in your lap or on the floor while hunched, knees close together.
  • Bend your body down to your knees, 2 hands placed naturally on the floor. Hold for as long as possible.
  • Back to old position after 10 seconds repeat

7. Side Bend

Side Bend

  • Sit upright in a chair, put your hands behind your head or hold them on top, keeping knees hip width.
  • Bending your upper body to the left.
  • Return to the original position, and bending to the right . Repeatedly.

8. Cat cow

cat cow

  • Sitting upright, hands placed your lap.
  • Move your chest foward, head back
  • Back to the origin position and repeat.

9. Sideways Curves


  • Sitting upright, hands placed your lap.
  • Bending your middle part back to the left.
  • Back to the origin position and then bend to the right.
  • Repeat with with moderate speed.