Push up is a quite familiar exercise with our men. Push up is no need to use tools that you can practice at home.Here are some very useful push up exercises that help you build and develop your chest muscle very well.

1. Push up with shoulder width

push up

This is the classic moves, it seems more difficult than the standard push-movement, but it did not cause many injuries town. Try starting by lying face down on the floor, arms extended by shoulder width to support your body. Then, slowly lowered and closely parallel to the floor. Make sure your elbows are not blown up too much. This will help stimulate the chest, shoulders and triceps

2. Diamond Push up

diamond push up

Diamond push manly aimed at stimulating your triceps muscle than any other exercises. This exercise can cause more pressure on your wrist. Also, can put pressure on your shoulders and elbows. To practice it, form your 2 hand into diamond shape. Other than classic push up, in diamond push up, you put your hands under your chest and perform push up.

3. Front Clap Push up

front clap push up

This is the basic push up exercise but it consume a lot of energy. You have to turn your body off the ground by the force arms, while your body is in the air, you clap once or twice if possible before grounding back into position. You should perform this exercise often, this help mobilize the muscle fibers in your chest.

4. Behind the back Push up

behind the back push up

Similar to Front Clap Push Up exercise, Behind the back Push up is exercise a little more advanced, when your body is in the air, instead of front clap, move your arms behind your back and clapping before the grounding.

5. One arm Push up

One arm push up

The trick to push up with one arm effectively is your feet have to open as widely as possible for a solid body. Push down the right hand when perpendicular to the floor. Make sure your shoulders parallel to equate the floor before attempting to push up. It will be a little tension in the shoulders and your elbows.

6. Decline Push up

Decline push up

Be careful with your wrists when perform decline push-up, which is a more advanced version of the classic push up. Because the scope of this exercise is wider. You can replace the ball by stairs, chairs and implement it in-house without the time to join the gym. Just push is 100-150 times a day will change your body associated with drinking milk will be better for your health.

7. Incline Push up

Incline push up

Choose a wide bench or even invest yourself a machine to perform better exercises. This exercise is good for your lower chest muscle.

8. Aztec Push up

Aztec push up

This is an extremely difficult exercise. When pushed up, you have to turn your body into the air vigorously, then perform hands touching the ankle. You really have to be very attentive and careful when doing it. Keep your legs as straight as possible the criteria of this exercise