Have you ever been asked that why you go to the gym, what is it’s benefits, it is time consuming, better sleep at home for healthy, you go to the gym for a year, i see not much different ?? So, this is 8 things you can answer them with such question:

1. Have a super sexy body


This is the first advantage that one can get if go to the gym. Thanks to it, guys and girls had changed their lifes, and even become rich after years of training at the gym. Do you also want to be like them?

2. Weight loss in a safe way


There is no weight loss method better and safer than exercise and sweating at the gym. Whether you use a good weight loss suplement the risk of weight gain again is still high.

3. Support dieting

Dieting and bodybuilding is a great combination, it will make your diet time greatly shortened because workout enhances fat burning calories in your body.

4. Reduce stress


This thing is confirmed by many Gymer, workout at the gym will help you dispel any feeling of discomfort, stress in your life. Weightlifting at the gym will smash everything that you suffer in your life.

5. Strengthen your bone and increse your height

Gym make you short is an extremely “bullshit” thought. There is no such thing like that, unless you perform the wrong exercises without guilding and that will affect your spine. But if you practice in a a scientific way, gym will not only help to make stronger bones but also can improve a few centimeters in your height.

6. Reduce body fat


The exercise will help you lose body fat, helps increase muscle make them look good without worrying about sagging as other methods. The training with weights also helps dissipate 40% fat more than Aerobic training.

7. Live longer


Bodybuilding helps the body to enhance the immune system to withstand many types of illnesses, including diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. The exercise regularly in middle age can help you live a healthy life to 85 years of age without incurring serious illness.

8. Very helpful if you want to gain weight

Gym not only help you to lose weight it also help you to gain weight, if you want to gain weight faster, try weightlifting, it helps the body to increase metabolism, you will quickly find yourself hungry and edible thus gain weight more easily.