If you are bored with each morning jog in the park, why not try experience some adventure sports to change your life a little bit, huh? Today, in 7 interesting places to test your courage, lets we introduce you to some amazing places that only the brave dare to try.

1. Moher peak, Ireland

Although only located at an altitude of about 215 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, but peaks in Ireland Moher been put in one of the mountain road “terrible” in the world. With the single crease across the mountainside, the road here seemed just enough to put a foot or bicycle wheels pass. However, each year, this place welcomed more than a million brave tourists, join hiking and even organized bicycle tour passing by mountain peaks.


2. Mountain road Ebenalp, Switzerland

Located in the northernmost peak of the Appenzell Alps, peak Ebenalp at 1,640 m altitude is a popular hiking spot in Switzerland, attracted more than 200,000 tourists each year. Ebenalp has protruding and narrow path, only to be fitted with partitions made of wood with a deep valley below.


3. The Road King El Caminito del Rey, Spain

El Caminito del Rey is known as the “road king” because formed by slats nearly a meter wide and is only supported by the thin metal rod with distance. This road is about 1 kilometer and is located at an altitude of 300 m above the river bottom is full of rock ledge and bumpy.The road was built in 1905 for the recognition of travel between two hydroelectric plants El Chorro region in Spain, and still exists to this day without being repaired.


4. Mount Hua Shan, China

Hua Shan mountains with the height up to 2,161 m is located in Hua Shan National Park, was named one of the five great mountains with sheer cliffs in China. On top of the mountain with some ancient monasteries of ancient Taoist, is a tourist attraction to visit interesting after crossing dangerous roads around the mountain. The path around Mount Hua Shan, also known as the most dangerous trail walking in the world.


5. Huayna Picchu mountain of Machu Picchu, Peru

Huayna Picchu mountain belong to the lost city of Machu Picchu of Inca in Peru, is one of the most dangerous climbing road in the world, and has even been called “death road Supply”. Huayna Picchu peak height of about 2,720 m above sea level and higher than Machu Picchu to 360 m. From ancient times, the Incas built the temple atop the highest mountain in this Machu Picchu, together with a trail to reach the temple. The road show consists of a old climbing stairs about 305 m high.


6. Mountain Veyrand Roche, France



7. Tianmen Mountain cliff, China