Many people have asked me to running in the morning or at night running better. My answer is to run at the time that convenient for you is best, but if possible, you should run in the morning. Why do I suggest this?

In 5 reasons you should running in the morning, I’ll give you 5 reasons why I recommend to run in the morning.

1. More safety

Running the morning when the streets are still sparse, you will not have to worry about dodging cars on the road. But there are still many potential risks such as robbery, lost, but certainly running morning will minimize the dangers you face when running off the road.


2. Avoid heat

During hot days, running the morning is the best way to avoid being burned, exhausted halfway.


3. More energetic

Certainly running in the morning after a good night’s sleep will be more refreshing than a long tired working day running . Additionally, exercising or running the morning is a great start for the new day. Mental clarity after running sessions will help you have a productive day.


4. Have time dating at night

Evenings is usually the time for lovers, family, colleagues, friends. It will be difficult for you to arrange a running schedule with many watching movies, partying dates at night. Switch to running early morning is the best way to help ensure your health and build social relationships.


5. Burning more energy

Running morning when your body is full of energy will help you burn more energy when compared to running after a long day exhausted with work. It also means you will achieve higher efficiency with morning workouts.