In order to attract young audiences, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to add 5 new sports in Tokyo Olympic event in 2020, including the skateboarding, surfing, hiking, karate and baseball. This will make the Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be the Olympic Games with the most exciting sport in history.


baseball olympic 2020

Baseball that once appeared at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, but has not been on the list of sports in 2012 and 2016. The baseball reappeared in 2020 will be crowded the famous baseball world from the US, Japan…


chiba surfing olympic 2020

Surfing beach sport is extremely popular. Adding Surfing to the list of Olympic sport in 2020 is a very correct decision of the organizing committee. Surf will be held on the beach in Chiba Prefecture instead of the artificial wave pool


skateboarding olympic 2020

Skateboarding is a sport very popular nowadays. We can see the young skaters everywhere, on sidewalks, in parks or in schools. Although there are many professional tournaments but skateboarding has not been included in the Olympics once.


karate olympic 2020

Karate – martial traditions of Japan, one of the martial useful in protecting yourself and take down the enemy. Currently Karate is widely known around the world. Adding Karate to Olympic 2020 will certainly attract a lot of spectators.

karate olympic 2020

Indoor Climbing

indoor rock climbing olympic 2020

Indoor rock climbing is one of the sport is very popular today. Instead of climbing the cliffs at outdoor this sport takes place indoors and on artificial cliffs to ensure the safety of players.