Rich protein foods will help you increase muscle fast and also support weight loss while supply enought energy to help your body stay healthy. These foods also help disease prevention and effective treatment.

Surely you always wonder which foods contain healthy protein, right? Foods rich in protein helps increase muscle and lose weight have a lot in nature. We could easily find this protein-rich foods in your kitchen with ease.

Protein-rich food groups from legumes

  • Soy bean

100g of soy containing 34gr protein ,with these amount of protein and amino acids soy beans can substitute meat, fish for a number of meals per day. They were used: anti-aging and beautifying the skin, improve the size of breast.


  • Peas

100g peas contains 21.8 g of protein. Peas is food containing abundant protein, folic acid and fiber. They work great for your health, help cure constipation, anti-cancer and heart disease, …


  • Black beans

100g black beans contains 24 grams of protein. Black beans have a very good effect in hydrating the kidneys, brain care, prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, slowing the aging process and is a good source of nutrition for women. Moreover, black beans also work to detoxify, purify the body, remove toxic substances from the body.


  • Green beans

100g green beans contains 23g of protein. Green beans work: prevention of cardiovascular risk, effective gout treatment, reducing the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, gastric cancer prevention and strengthen the immune system.

  • Peanuts

100g peanut contains 27g of protein. Peanuts take effect: supports blood circulation, prevent gallstones, improve memory, prevent depression, lower cholesterol, lose weight, and most especially to prevent the risk of cancer and heart disease.


  • Red beans

100g red beans contains 22g of protein. Red beans effect: detoxification, diuretic, slimming. Red beans also contain many vitamins such as B1, B2, B6 and many other essential minerals aid in blood, promote cardiovascular activity, …


Protein rich foods from vegetables

  • Broccoli

100g broccoli contains 2.8 g of protein. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. This food is excellent antioxidant helping the body fight diseases such as cancer, prevent osteoarthritis, improve function and kidney blood pressure, anti-aging and immunity, good for people with diabetes and heart, support detoxification and effectively protect your eyes, skin regeneration and hurt especially effective support for weight loss.


  • Asparagus

Asparagus is rich in nutrients and fiber. Low sodium asparagus is extremely nutritious food, have health benefits and safely weight loss. Asparagus contains many useful nutrients such as folic acid and fiber of high, potassium, vitamins A, C and B6, … Asparagus does not contain fat and cholesterol helps burn calories and fat excretion, promote metabolism, prevent fat back up the asparagus is really useful protein-rich food for people who want to lose weight fast.


  • Mushroom

100g mushrooms containing 14g protein. Mushrooms are considered edible food rich in protein because mushrooms contain more protein, less fat, less calories, vitamins and minerals. In addition to nutritional value, there are numerous mushroom effects such as strengthening the body’s resistance, anti-aging, reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver detoxification and cell protection liver, hypoglycemia, exhaust filter toxic substances from the body, removing excess fat accumulation in the body for a long time.


  • Spinach

100g spinach contains 3g protein. Spinach is classified as nutritious food with lots of vitamins and minerals necessary and beneficial to the body. Spinach has a protective effect on the heart, strengthens bones, good for eye, fast and safe weight loss, … as in this vegetable contain many vitamins such as A, K, E, D and a lot of other beneficial minerals. Weight loss foods rich in protein supply plant fatty acids, Omega 3 is abundant.


Fruits contain a lot of protein to increase muscle

  • Avocado

100g avocado contains 2 g protein, 26% vitamin K, 20% folate, vitamin B5 14%, 13% vitamin B6, vitamin C 17%, 14% and 10% of vitamin E potassium. Avocados contain 25 vitamins and minerals naturally healthy body needs. Avocado effects: weight control, stabilize blood pressure, prevent cancer, anti-inflammatory, good for the heart, eye protection, anti stroke, maintain healthy skin and effectively lose weight safely .


  • Apricots

100g dried apricots containing 4.6g protein. The composition of apricots include: acids carotene, vitamin C, B1, licopen, … stimulates the metabolism. Apricots effect: brightens the eyes, smooth skin, acne, weight loss safely, balance the nervous system to help you sleep, diuretic, … Water soaked apricots effect: cure gastritis, vomiting, pain abdomen, rheumatism, bone and joint pain, cough, choleretic, melt the stones, stomach tonic, appetizer, cold sweating, …


  • Guava

100g Guava contains 2.6g protein. Guava has been shown to enhance resistance, enhanced immune system because it is food rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and other amino acids that are not always get food. Guava can be extremely good for the digestive system, treatment of diabetes, reduce the risk of anemia, weight loss, and filtering toxins out of the body.


  • Mulberry

100g mulberry contains protein 1.4G. Mulberry contains many different vitamins, especially foods rich in vitamin C. Mulberry effects: kidney, blood, eyes, tonic, cure constipation, detoxification, diuretic, weight loss, treatment headache, insomnia, bone diseases rheumatoid arthritis, …


  • Pomegranate

100g pomegranate contains protein 1.7G. Pomegranate can be extremely effective in protecting and restoring the liver, kidney, strengthen the body’s immune system, prevent heart disease, prevent breast cancer, prevent aging and cardiovascular disease , reduce blood pressure and risk of stroke …


Protein-rich foods from meats

  • Goose meat

100g goose meat contains 25g protein . Also, goose meat contain nutrients such as calcium, photpo, iron, vitamins (B1, B2, A, D, E) ….


  • Chicken

100g contains 24g protein chicken. Chicken meat contains a lot of nutrients, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron …. This is with good quality food, your body can absorb and digest easily.


  • Duck

100g contains duck meat 18g protein. Similarly goose and chicken, duck meat contains a lot of nutrients, such as vitamins A, D, E, acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron ….


  • Fish

100g fish contains about 16g protein. Fish contains a lot of useful nutrients necessary for the body, such as minerals, vitamins A and D, DHA, … and especially fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, a special ingredient for brain development the man and also the special ingredients for eyesight.


  • Beef

100g beef containing 28g protein. Beef contains many nutrients such as vitamins: B6, B12, zinc, iron, selenium, niacin, phosphorus, … .In addition, these foods contain many compounds, and minerals useful to the body.


  • Pork

100g pork contains 27g of protein. Pork contains many nutrients such as vitamin B12, B6, thiamin, zinc, niacin, phosphorus, iron … In addition, these foods contain many compounds, and minerals useful to the body as creatine, taurine, dlutathione, …


  • Lamb

100g lamb contains 17g protein. They also contains a lot of different nutrients such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium. These foods contain many compounds, and minerals useful to the body.